What did Thumper say?

Street art at Tahoe Donner
Look closely
I officially know how to grill chicken now...
Chris made this

The new decked out townie
Messy sushi
Phone car
Buckley and my adventure

So...I've ridden my bike around Donner the last two days...I decided that the house remind me of the Tom and Jerry movie. You know the part where they are at the lake house...theres a storm??? ya a lot of the house are like that around Donner. 

I am going to do the 175-200 mile MS ride with my dad this year around Tahoe like I do every year. I am really excited. (So much for my break...now I am going to start getting crazy with biking again...on top of school! WAHOO!) Next weekend Cali State Championships in Big Bear. Weekend of the 25th Sky Tavern UNR race and hopppefffullyyy a giants game : ) 
The following weekend is the SLO (parkfield) and the MSP premier at Squaw, and then the next weekend is the UC-Berk race. (I hear the course down there is AWESOME!) and then hopefully off to Collegiate Nationals in good ole' North Carolina! YEEHHAAWWW....and it gets better! As soon as biking season over the snow should be flying soon after! 

Okay so I am starting to get antsy about snow. I am totally ready to ski! I opened the closet the other day to look at my skis...I have to admit that I have also worn around my ski clothes a few times! 

Chris and I made a pretty legit version of stir-fry tonight, Im not sure if it was really even stir-fry but it was good. Just what I wanted. We have a new type of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to try to, soooo Ill let you know how that goes! 

I really don't understand people motives sometimes. "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" Thumper said....well lets put it this way..if a stranger has no clue what is going on they probably should not give their two cents into your life. Okay over it. (well not really...but..ya) 

Check out the new links on the right side they are the websites that I check a lot or think are uber important or think people should just check out. 

well I think I am going to check out...I have had an exhausting day of school. 


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