There is a cow in my hub!

Today I had my first collegiate race for University of Nevada, Reno up at Sky Tavern. 
Cheerios, coffee, and  a vanilla scone later I was totally pumped to race. It was pretty warm, probably in the high 60s, maybe even the 70s. 
The race was up at Sky Tavern, where I have previously raced for Nevada State Championships. Syd did not enjoy the drive up Mt. Rose highway at all, by the time I got to the parking lot she was smoking from under the hood....hummm that can't be good! Hopefully she makes it down and back to San Fran tomorrow for the Giants game! I guess thats what happens when you drive a Jeep with 147,000 miles on it...silly Jeeps! 
Start was at 10 am. The atmosphere was completely different than normal NORBA races, MUCH more laid back. I honestly didn't think that races could get anymore low key, I was obviously proven wrong. College kids from all over California stretched out in Sleeping bags with empty beer cans and grills all around them (of course a majority of them were still totally passed out from the previous night, than goodness I am not a fan of camping, or better yet that it was a home race so I was able to sleep in MY bed!). 
It was the exact same course as the previous race, 3 laps, I believe it totals out to be about +/- miles. Fire road climbing, slim to none downhill single track that is actually fun. 1st lap I was ahead when it came to the climb. I get to the downhill part of the course and then all the sudden my bike decides that it needs to start sounding like a cow. Yes, a cow. It seriously sounded like it was mooooing, why? I have NO CLUE. I was a little nervous that something was on the verge of breaking, that was the last thing I needed. 2nd lap, I had the lead girl in my sight, so of course I wanted to catch her....well that wasn't that smart of an idea. You see I learned today that pedaling around a townie is not considered training. To add to the race all the other girls in A were pro riders, I was the only expert. OH BOY!  so back on track, by the top of the climb on that lap I was zonked!! I knew I was so close to being done with the race and that I COULD NOT GIVE UP, I HAD TO FINISH! So I went up for my 3rd, and final lap. A girl from the UNR team, Marian, was able to squeeze by me so I had her in my sight the ENTIRE third lap, and I wanted nothing more than to catch her. Well, that didn't happen...the cow started mooing wicked back on the final descent so I laid off on the gas pedal more than I should have. I probably finished less than 30 seconds behind her. I ended up getting 3rd. The girl that won was from Berkley and it some super legit rider, I think her name is Mo? So even though I know I could have just pushed through the mooing and tiredness and could have caught the 2nd place girl and finished 2nd instead. I guess that out of the whole women's A field (7) being the only expert rider and finishing 3rd I have to be pretty happy with myself. This is GREAT training for next season too because I will be racing against these girls in pro. If I am already beating them, and finishing extremely close to them that seems pretty good for me, and it also tells me that I am in need of a category upgrade. 
Well, nothing to exciting this after noon. I have been cleaning and organizing like CRAZY (well at least my room), washed my bike. I was offered to stack some fire wood, but looking at the clock I don't think I am going to have enough time to jet up there and get it done before the sunsets, BUMMER! 
Tomorrow morning (Sunday) Chris and I head down to San Fran for the Giants v. Dodgers game. I am REALLY excited, it should be fun. I think SF is neato! I just printed out the tickets, I have to toss some clothes in a bag and I am ready to goooooooo! 
I need to find my way up to the fridge right now and devour some food! 

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