Songs of Joy

Its been a while....

The weather is starting to cool down here, it is probably just a tease. I am totally busy with school right now, this semester is going to be a hard one. I have a lot of reading for each class. Good thing I like reading~ 
In my Anthropology book the other day I read that there is any Indian tribe that makes the women bake their heads in ovens every lunar quarter..odd? I'd say so. 

Phillipa is here in Reno on her way out to the coast for her internship at Powder. It's so nice seeing her...We could almost have an entire CBA reunion with the amount of kids that live out in this part of the US now! ha! Hopefully Spizz will pop by, food with Brad?, who knows where Dieg is! 

I have my first meeting with the bike team on tomorrow evening. I am excited. I do have to admit it has been nice taking a small break from riding right now (it has given me some time to really pay attention to school and trying to find a job. (I have had to talk to a million different people about trying to find a job and then I get forwarded to another person and then another person, etc. All I want is a freakin' job!)) --Pippa is trying to explain where Crested Butte is to a lady on the phone...kinda' funny!-- anyways: I am a little bummed out that I didn't have the budget or the "time" to go to Brianhead for the final NORBA at the season, looking through the results it looks like the few other girls that I race against that go to school were in a similar vote. 

Did you know: 
 Starbucks is adding an average of 34 stores a week, 52 weeks a year! Its ultimate goal is 30,000 stores worldwide. ANNNDDD the company is just "scratching the surface" of China! (See I do pay attention in school!) 

I got really excited to get done with UNR the other day and go to FIDM! Do something that I REALLY want to do. 

Ohhhhhh...did you know that stealing paper products (i.e. paper towels, tissues, toilet paper) is punishable by law if taken off of the UNR campus. Ya, that is the sign that I saw in the ladies powder room last night while I was in Frandsen Hall! ha ha ha! Who steals paper towels? 

In my CRJ class (hopefully my last!) our syllabus outlines the class is based upon Star Trek (yes, the movie. Or is it a TV show? idk!) but it relates to Law and Justice apparently. Hummmm.....

I was almost able to sing a song from every single Disney movie last night...and other child hood movies. Chris was SO delighted ( along with everyone else in the condo!) MAYBE if you're lucky I can treat you all to a Disney song one day! 

Well, I think I am going to go do something cool! 

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