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The sherif is in town.
From SIA. Blizzards "Almost famous"
I dare you to beat it....
Light tree in downtown made by burning man people. 
(weird: one of the girls last name was Reeder!)
Its always becoming ride your bike to school day at UNR
93.4% impossible to find a place to lock up.
My cross country bike for next year. Barbie theme! 
Like as in hippies?
A view from the check in on the 1st day of MS ride. Emerald Bay, CA. 

First off, I am sorry for any mistakes I make in this blog. I am extremely tired because of the MS ride today but I wanted to make sure that I was able to tell you all about the ride. 
Getting out of bed was impossible this morning, it was so warm and comfy! Up at Northstar there was a spandex road bike party happening in Timbercreek!(ha...not really, but everyone was consuming breakfast for the long day ahead. My breakfast? 2 piece of bacon 2 cups of coffee and 3 sport legs pills. (I would regret this later!)) This is the 3rd MS ride that I had done with my dad. Every year the course changes on the 1st day out it seems, this year it was all the way around lake Tahoe. 87 miles give or take. It was CHILLY! (this is good...winter is coming?) The first climb we did early in the morning was Brockway. I was the queen of the mountain, I was happy to start out with a climb...only because I like climbing. I was having a major probably with lactic acid build up in my legs throughout the day (later cured by a banana, a massage, and a lot of water). It was amazing see the entire lake, most people tend to see it all by car, but I along with the rest of the riders were able to view Lake Tahoe on a bike. It was beautiful. At the second rest stop I decided to be safe and put a power bar in my jersey (honestly, it was the last thing on earth I wanted to eat..I'd rather stick to the trail mix and pick out only the M&Ms). Lunch was in South lake, a place were I never want to spend much time. It is amazing how different North lake is from South Lake. I love North lake. Luckily, my legs were feeling supreme by the Emerald Bay climb (which was a tough one) but I powered right up it. For some reason I thought that Emerald Bay was a lot closer to Tahoe City than it really is...ughhh! After a quick stop my legs stiffened up again and it made the rest of the climb to TC interesting. I knew  (and was dreading) the last big climb of the day was back up Brockway, I remember this around Carnelin Bay (sp?). THANK GOODNESS for that power bar in my back pocket. I ate that and drank some water so by the time I was at the base of the last climb I had a little energy. I have never been put in position where I have "bonked" so early in my ride and felt completely ran down. I really wanted to push through that feeling though because I knew that I was doing this for a good cause, the people that we are out there riding for are unable to experience the riding of a bike most of the time because of their MS. We dedicate our bodies for these people, to help these people, to give these people another chance. Even though you put your bodies through this rugged ride you know that these people that are suffering from this disease are so thankful. Just to see the smiles they have and the support they give you at the rest stops makes you realize that this is a big deal to them. Coming across the finish line today was the biggest relief I could ever feel. 87 +/- miles, I believe it was 16 (maybe more) mph average, in 5 hours. 
Tomorrow is the second stage of this two day event. Sunday is short, We go a little more than half of what we did today. I am excited because it is one of my favorite road bike climbs in Tahoe: Donner! It should be pretty chilly since we start around 7-715 again, but I guess the coldness is better than dealing with the overly hot weather during the days (plus it means swim time later in the afternoon and time to study for my first MKT exam on Tuesday...Im nervous). 
It is really weird to be fairly awake mentally right now, but because I am so physically worn down I don't want to function anymore. I just want to sleep. 
Today during the ride I was able to think about somethings: 
  • How they make wooden closet hanger pole thingys (again). 
  • Why you find/hear stuff that you don't want to, it seems inevitable. Then when you find/hear these things, do your opinion change? do you see people in a different way?
  • Other ways to be nice to people, be a better people person and an AMAZING friend. (we all need to be)
  • My MKT 210 test. (yikes!)
  • Road biking v. mountain biking. (which is better)
  • Taking naps (a very strange concept?)
  • The taste of powerbars (flavored cardboard?...yep!)
  • How I need to find a recovery system for biking (wicked bad!) 
  • True meanings. Taking things for granted. Being truthful with oneself. 
  • How to make Roasted chicken ravioli (so if you have a recipe please! SHARE!) 
  • Smiling and teeth. 
  • Snow. (more or less how I cant wait to take a break from biking and shredddd!) 
Rant of the day:
I am trying to keep in mind: "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got" SC. 

Well, I think I probably need to go to bed. Another early day 2mrw. Sorry I have been so bad at updating my blog! I will try to do it more often. 


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