Erica's GIANT tube. 
Glitter tats...50 cents. TOTALLY WORTH IT

this tat would make a GREAT shirt. (Its a wolf and feathers...nice huh..)
Those stupid ball things people have in their yards that make NO sense....only $9.99 at Walgreens.
I like mountains. but. Not this type of mountain. 
Dad and I 
The rare picture of me NOT bouncing off the walls. (Killer gloves!!!)

Look up the word Karma...do you believe in it? 
The last couple of days I have become so-so on this word. I think about it a lot though. 

How about is there a reason for everything that happens? (or everything happens for a reason.) 

Even though people actions may seem negatively perceived by you, if you think about it their actions will they come out helping you in some way... let say some one leave a note on your car that says something nasty...okay? would you think about how this could be true and what you can do to change it? 
Well I have been thinking a lot about that. 
And "why can't everyone just get along"....have you ever thought about that, what makes it so one doesn't like others, etc. People get so picky about why they don't like people...I don't like the way you chew! I don't like the color your fingernails are painted. I don't like that you are better than me. I don't like that you are older or younger than me. ughh...okay so it mostly obvious with girls, but still. We are silly. VERY SILLY. but then when you think about it, what would girls be if they didn't have drama and gossip to turn to, right? Life would be pretty dull....sorry guys. 

My legs have finally recovered from the MS ride. I think. I get a nice burn every now and again. 

I was planning on going to Big Bear this weekend for Cali State Champs, but, I decided in the long run it wouldn't be worth it. 

We are learning about the Civil War. I do believe that I have learned about this since I was in Middle school (maybe even earlier) and honestly I don't think I learn anything I don't know already when it is brought up in the new class. 

Check out Nordica Ski Apparel!!!!! All this season clothing is up! The gallery has some pictures of a certain someone you might know....I am SOOO ready for the snow! I think its because I am just a little tuckered out from biking right now, but I know as soon as the snow is here I will be wishing I could still be biking. Funny how that works. 

Back to class....sort of...

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