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This weekend was a HUGE adventure! I went up to Truckee on Thursday night, watched a movie enjoyed a chill night with chris (which could have been totally opposite if we would of gone to the snowboard movie premier at 50/50)....Friday....big day first Squeeze in! Sooo good like always, and of course we both got WAY to full. The best omelette's ever, I can't even explain. Then... adventure to Emerald bay! Vikingsholm. I highly suggest that you google it! The lady that was our tour guide actually lived there when she was a youngin'. It was freezing in Truckee this weekend, literally, it was 35 degrees out in the am! COLLLDDD! bye, bye summer time! Of course this only meant it was time to go hot tubbing. We made  burgers and mac 'n cheese for dinner! (probably some of the biggest and tastiest burgers EVER!) Saturday, rode with dad, It was cold. Came down to Reno with Chris and Ryan to see some movie...it was a guy movie...you know the total opposite of a chick flick! I want to say it was righteous kill? I don't know. Then feeling nice I helped stack some wood (yes, my wrist hurts... luckily I am not hurt from stacking wood this year...sur(prius)! Since Chris was off at work I felt I need a quesodilla (which I had been wanting ALL DAY!) so I went to Jalisco...it took a freakin' EON...and i didn't know till I got back to the house that my order was wrong...dang it! I went to the Rage premier out at Squaw with Sami and Scotty. The movie was VERY umm majestic...ya...like powder and hum-dum tunes. Jason was super awesome and got us into the movie, THANKS AGAIN! It was fun and super nice to be around a couple friends, I am REALLY EXCITED FOR SKI SEASON NOW...and SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR THE MSP premier! WAHOO! Sunday...ohhh my. Ride with dad, then we went up to the Donner tunnels and adventured in the dark with Chester. (worst dog to walk EVER award goes to him....sorry) Ohhhh I broke out of my normally coffee morning drink...I got something different...I know...strange! Carmel apple cinnamon i don't know?!?! but it was good. I have to admit that I giggled a little bit about ordering it because it was such an abstract drink, and I thought about how I used to get drinks like that every morning, and now how coffee is the only way for me to go in to morning. After the tunnels we hopped on our townies and road to Tahoe City. We had lunch at the Bridgetender (I have a lot of interesting facts about Lake Tahoe that I will tell you later that I got off the menu) It was Soooo good, plus I was super hungeeeee after all the action that we had done so far that day. Then we went and fed the fish of fanny bridge. THEY ARE HUUUGGGEEE! Being the great students that both Chris and myself are we were going to head home to study, well, that turned into a 2 hours nap and hot tubbing. Oppsss, at least we got all the necessary stuff done for classes! phheewww! 
I probably had one of the greatest weekends ever! I hope you like the pictures that I took randomly from my adventures. This weekend I have my first collegiate race at SkyTavern on Saturday. I am nervous, but because I haven't ridden to much lately (even though I really have, I think it is because it is fall I my riding schedule is a little less aggressive than it is during the summer). I am really looking forward to the course, the climb is nice, all fire road. I raced this same track in August for Nevada State Championships, where I did pretty well. 
Sunday..... we are headed down to SF for a Giants game! Wahoo!!! 

Big Fish. Fanny bridge, they went CRAZY when food was thrown in! 
25 cents. 
I know this was on the last post, but I really totally LOVE it.
What? you think we like ice cream or something?
Vikingsholm, looking stunning.
Vikingsholm. Built 1928+ VERY COOL! 38 room mansion. 
The tea house on Fannette island. Mrs. Knight used it twice a summer. 
Streetart at the Donner tunnels. 
Best breakfast place EVER! 
Traffic in Truckee...ha ha
A cool picture from my iPhone of Chris.
It's that time of year. 
and that time of year too....

Lake Tahoe is 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. There is 72 miles of shoreline. 
Lake Tahoe is the 3rd deepest lake in the North America (1645 ft(
and the 10th deepest in the world. 
Lake Tahoe holds 39 TRILLION gallons of water! WOWWWW!!! 

Well hope everyone is doing well! 


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