There is a cow in my hub!

Today I had my first collegiate race for University of Nevada, Reno up at Sky Tavern. 
Cheerios, coffee, and  a vanilla scone later I was totally pumped to race. It was pretty warm, probably in the high 60s, maybe even the 70s. 
The race was up at Sky Tavern, where I have previously raced for Nevada State Championships. Syd did not enjoy the drive up Mt. Rose highway at all, by the time I got to the parking lot she was smoking from under the hood....hummm that can't be good! Hopefully she makes it down and back to San Fran tomorrow for the Giants game! I guess thats what happens when you drive a Jeep with 147,000 miles on it...silly Jeeps! 
Start was at 10 am. The atmosphere was completely different than normal NORBA races, MUCH more laid back. I honestly didn't think that races could get anymore low key, I was obviously proven wrong. College kids from all over California stretched out in Sleeping bags with empty beer cans and grills all around them (of course a majority of them were still totally passed out from the previous night, than goodness I am not a fan of camping, or better yet that it was a home race so I was able to sleep in MY bed!). 
It was the exact same course as the previous race, 3 laps, I believe it totals out to be about +/- miles. Fire road climbing, slim to none downhill single track that is actually fun. 1st lap I was ahead when it came to the climb. I get to the downhill part of the course and then all the sudden my bike decides that it needs to start sounding like a cow. Yes, a cow. It seriously sounded like it was mooooing, why? I have NO CLUE. I was a little nervous that something was on the verge of breaking, that was the last thing I needed. 2nd lap, I had the lead girl in my sight, so of course I wanted to catch her....well that wasn't that smart of an idea. You see I learned today that pedaling around a townie is not considered training. To add to the race all the other girls in A were pro riders, I was the only expert. OH BOY!  so back on track, by the top of the climb on that lap I was zonked!! I knew I was so close to being done with the race and that I COULD NOT GIVE UP, I HAD TO FINISH! So I went up for my 3rd, and final lap. A girl from the UNR team, Marian, was able to squeeze by me so I had her in my sight the ENTIRE third lap, and I wanted nothing more than to catch her. Well, that didn't happen...the cow started mooing wicked back on the final descent so I laid off on the gas pedal more than I should have. I probably finished less than 30 seconds behind her. I ended up getting 3rd. The girl that won was from Berkley and it some super legit rider, I think her name is Mo? So even though I know I could have just pushed through the mooing and tiredness and could have caught the 2nd place girl and finished 2nd instead. I guess that out of the whole women's A field (7) being the only expert rider and finishing 3rd I have to be pretty happy with myself. This is GREAT training for next season too because I will be racing against these girls in pro. If I am already beating them, and finishing extremely close to them that seems pretty good for me, and it also tells me that I am in need of a category upgrade. 
Well, nothing to exciting this after noon. I have been cleaning and organizing like CRAZY (well at least my room), washed my bike. I was offered to stack some fire wood, but looking at the clock I don't think I am going to have enough time to jet up there and get it done before the sunsets, BUMMER! 
Tomorrow morning (Sunday) Chris and I head down to San Fran for the Giants v. Dodgers game. I am REALLY excited, it should be fun. I think SF is neato! I just printed out the tickets, I have to toss some clothes in a bag and I am ready to goooooooo! 
I need to find my way up to the fridge right now and devour some food! 


adventures of...

This weekend was a HUGE adventure! I went up to Truckee on Thursday night, watched a movie enjoyed a chill night with chris (which could have been totally opposite if we would of gone to the snowboard movie premier at 50/50)....Friday....big day first Squeeze in! Sooo good like always, and of course we both got WAY to full. The best omelette's ever, I can't even explain. Then... adventure to Emerald bay! Vikingsholm. I highly suggest that you google it! The lady that was our tour guide actually lived there when she was a youngin'. It was freezing in Truckee this weekend, literally, it was 35 degrees out in the am! COLLLDDD! bye, bye summer time! Of course this only meant it was time to go hot tubbing. We made  burgers and mac 'n cheese for dinner! (probably some of the biggest and tastiest burgers EVER!) Saturday, rode with dad, It was cold. Came down to Reno with Chris and Ryan to see some movie...it was a guy movie...you know the total opposite of a chick flick! I want to say it was righteous kill? I don't know. Then feeling nice I helped stack some wood (yes, my wrist hurts... luckily I am not hurt from stacking wood this year...sur(prius)! Since Chris was off at work I felt I need a quesodilla (which I had been wanting ALL DAY!) so I went to Jalisco...it took a freakin' EON...and i didn't know till I got back to the house that my order was wrong...dang it! I went to the Rage premier out at Squaw with Sami and Scotty. The movie was VERY umm majestic...ya...like powder and hum-dum tunes. Jason was super awesome and got us into the movie, THANKS AGAIN! It was fun and super nice to be around a couple friends, I am REALLY EXCITED FOR SKI SEASON NOW...and SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR THE MSP premier! WAHOO! Sunday...ohhh my. Ride with dad, then we went up to the Donner tunnels and adventured in the dark with Chester. (worst dog to walk EVER award goes to him....sorry) Ohhhh I broke out of my normally coffee morning drink...I got something different...I know...strange! Carmel apple cinnamon i don't know?!?! but it was good. I have to admit that I giggled a little bit about ordering it because it was such an abstract drink, and I thought about how I used to get drinks like that every morning, and now how coffee is the only way for me to go in to morning. After the tunnels we hopped on our townies and road to Tahoe City. We had lunch at the Bridgetender (I have a lot of interesting facts about Lake Tahoe that I will tell you later that I got off the menu) It was Soooo good, plus I was super hungeeeee after all the action that we had done so far that day. Then we went and fed the fish of fanny bridge. THEY ARE HUUUGGGEEE! Being the great students that both Chris and myself are we were going to head home to study, well, that turned into a 2 hours nap and hot tubbing. Oppsss, at least we got all the necessary stuff done for classes! phheewww! 
I probably had one of the greatest weekends ever! I hope you like the pictures that I took randomly from my adventures. This weekend I have my first collegiate race at SkyTavern on Saturday. I am nervous, but because I haven't ridden to much lately (even though I really have, I think it is because it is fall I my riding schedule is a little less aggressive than it is during the summer). I am really looking forward to the course, the climb is nice, all fire road. I raced this same track in August for Nevada State Championships, where I did pretty well. 
Sunday..... we are headed down to SF for a Giants game! Wahoo!!! 

Big Fish. Fanny bridge, they went CRAZY when food was thrown in! 
25 cents. 
I know this was on the last post, but I really totally LOVE it.
What? you think we like ice cream or something?
Vikingsholm, looking stunning.
Vikingsholm. Built 1928+ VERY COOL! 38 room mansion. 
The tea house on Fannette island. Mrs. Knight used it twice a summer. 
Streetart at the Donner tunnels. 
Best breakfast place EVER! 
Traffic in Truckee...ha ha
A cool picture from my iPhone of Chris.
It's that time of year. 
and that time of year too....

Lake Tahoe is 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. There is 72 miles of shoreline. 
Lake Tahoe is the 3rd deepest lake in the North America (1645 ft(
and the 10th deepest in the world. 
Lake Tahoe holds 39 TRILLION gallons of water! WOWWWW!!! 

Well hope everyone is doing well! 




Erica's GIANT tube. 
Glitter tats...50 cents. TOTALLY WORTH IT

this tat would make a GREAT shirt. (Its a wolf and feathers...nice huh..)
Those stupid ball things people have in their yards that make NO sense....only $9.99 at Walgreens.
I like mountains. but. Not this type of mountain. 
Dad and I 
The rare picture of me NOT bouncing off the walls. (Killer gloves!!!)

Look up the word Karma...do you believe in it? 
The last couple of days I have become so-so on this word. I think about it a lot though. 

How about is there a reason for everything that happens? (or everything happens for a reason.) 

Even though people actions may seem negatively perceived by you, if you think about it their actions will they come out helping you in some way... let say some one leave a note on your car that says something nasty...okay? would you think about how this could be true and what you can do to change it? 
Well I have been thinking a lot about that. 
And "why can't everyone just get along"....have you ever thought about that, what makes it so one doesn't like others, etc. People get so picky about why they don't like people...I don't like the way you chew! I don't like the color your fingernails are painted. I don't like that you are better than me. I don't like that you are older or younger than me. ughh...okay so it mostly obvious with girls, but still. We are silly. VERY SILLY. but then when you think about it, what would girls be if they didn't have drama and gossip to turn to, right? Life would be pretty dull....sorry guys. 

My legs have finally recovered from the MS ride. I think. I get a nice burn every now and again. 

I was planning on going to Big Bear this weekend for Cali State Champs, but, I decided in the long run it wouldn't be worth it. 

We are learning about the Civil War. I do believe that I have learned about this since I was in Middle school (maybe even earlier) and honestly I don't think I learn anything I don't know already when it is brought up in the new class. 

Check out Nordica Ski Apparel!!!!! All this season clothing is up! The gallery has some pictures of a certain someone you might know....I am SOOO ready for the snow! I think its because I am just a little tuckered out from biking right now, but I know as soon as the snow is here I will be wishing I could still be biking. Funny how that works. 

Back to class....sort of...


(fill in the blank)

The sherif is in town.
From SIA. Blizzards "Almost famous"
I dare you to beat it....
Light tree in downtown made by burning man people. 
(weird: one of the girls last name was Reeder!)
Its always becoming ride your bike to school day at UNR
93.4% impossible to find a place to lock up.
My cross country bike for next year. Barbie theme! 
Like as in hippies?
A view from the check in on the 1st day of MS ride. Emerald Bay, CA. 

First off, I am sorry for any mistakes I make in this blog. I am extremely tired because of the MS ride today but I wanted to make sure that I was able to tell you all about the ride. 
Getting out of bed was impossible this morning, it was so warm and comfy! Up at Northstar there was a spandex road bike party happening in Timbercreek!(ha...not really, but everyone was consuming breakfast for the long day ahead. My breakfast? 2 piece of bacon 2 cups of coffee and 3 sport legs pills. (I would regret this later!)) This is the 3rd MS ride that I had done with my dad. Every year the course changes on the 1st day out it seems, this year it was all the way around lake Tahoe. 87 miles give or take. It was CHILLY! (this is good...winter is coming?) The first climb we did early in the morning was Brockway. I was the queen of the mountain, I was happy to start out with a climb...only because I like climbing. I was having a major probably with lactic acid build up in my legs throughout the day (later cured by a banana, a massage, and a lot of water). It was amazing see the entire lake, most people tend to see it all by car, but I along with the rest of the riders were able to view Lake Tahoe on a bike. It was beautiful. At the second rest stop I decided to be safe and put a power bar in my jersey (honestly, it was the last thing on earth I wanted to eat..I'd rather stick to the trail mix and pick out only the M&Ms). Lunch was in South lake, a place were I never want to spend much time. It is amazing how different North lake is from South Lake. I love North lake. Luckily, my legs were feeling supreme by the Emerald Bay climb (which was a tough one) but I powered right up it. For some reason I thought that Emerald Bay was a lot closer to Tahoe City than it really is...ughhh! After a quick stop my legs stiffened up again and it made the rest of the climb to TC interesting. I knew  (and was dreading) the last big climb of the day was back up Brockway, I remember this around Carnelin Bay (sp?). THANK GOODNESS for that power bar in my back pocket. I ate that and drank some water so by the time I was at the base of the last climb I had a little energy. I have never been put in position where I have "bonked" so early in my ride and felt completely ran down. I really wanted to push through that feeling though because I knew that I was doing this for a good cause, the people that we are out there riding for are unable to experience the riding of a bike most of the time because of their MS. We dedicate our bodies for these people, to help these people, to give these people another chance. Even though you put your bodies through this rugged ride you know that these people that are suffering from this disease are so thankful. Just to see the smiles they have and the support they give you at the rest stops makes you realize that this is a big deal to them. Coming across the finish line today was the biggest relief I could ever feel. 87 +/- miles, I believe it was 16 (maybe more) mph average, in 5 hours. 
Tomorrow is the second stage of this two day event. Sunday is short, We go a little more than half of what we did today. I am excited because it is one of my favorite road bike climbs in Tahoe: Donner! It should be pretty chilly since we start around 7-715 again, but I guess the coldness is better than dealing with the overly hot weather during the days (plus it means swim time later in the afternoon and time to study for my first MKT exam on Tuesday...Im nervous). 
It is really weird to be fairly awake mentally right now, but because I am so physically worn down I don't want to function anymore. I just want to sleep. 
Today during the ride I was able to think about somethings: 
  • How they make wooden closet hanger pole thingys (again). 
  • Why you find/hear stuff that you don't want to, it seems inevitable. Then when you find/hear these things, do your opinion change? do you see people in a different way?
  • Other ways to be nice to people, be a better people person and an AMAZING friend. (we all need to be)
  • My MKT 210 test. (yikes!)
  • Road biking v. mountain biking. (which is better)
  • Taking naps (a very strange concept?)
  • The taste of powerbars (flavored cardboard?...yep!)
  • How I need to find a recovery system for biking (wicked bad!) 
  • True meanings. Taking things for granted. Being truthful with oneself. 
  • How to make Roasted chicken ravioli (so if you have a recipe please! SHARE!) 
  • Smiling and teeth. 
  • Snow. (more or less how I cant wait to take a break from biking and shredddd!) 
Rant of the day:
I am trying to keep in mind: "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got" SC. 

Well, I think I probably need to go to bed. Another early day 2mrw. Sorry I have been so bad at updating my blog! I will try to do it more often. 



What did Thumper say?

Street art at Tahoe Donner
Look closely
I officially know how to grill chicken now...
Chris made this

The new decked out townie
Messy sushi
Phone car
Buckley and my adventure

So...I've ridden my bike around Donner the last two days...I decided that the house remind me of the Tom and Jerry movie. You know the part where they are at the lake house...theres a storm??? ya a lot of the house are like that around Donner. 

I am going to do the 175-200 mile MS ride with my dad this year around Tahoe like I do every year. I am really excited. (So much for my break...now I am going to start getting crazy with biking again...on top of school! WAHOO!) Next weekend Cali State Championships in Big Bear. Weekend of the 25th Sky Tavern UNR race and hopppefffullyyy a giants game : ) 
The following weekend is the SLO (parkfield) and the MSP premier at Squaw, and then the next weekend is the UC-Berk race. (I hear the course down there is AWESOME!) and then hopefully off to Collegiate Nationals in good ole' North Carolina! YEEHHAAWWW....and it gets better! As soon as biking season over the snow should be flying soon after! 

Okay so I am starting to get antsy about snow. I am totally ready to ski! I opened the closet the other day to look at my skis...I have to admit that I have also worn around my ski clothes a few times! 

Chris and I made a pretty legit version of stir-fry tonight, Im not sure if it was really even stir-fry but it was good. Just what I wanted. We have a new type of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to try to, soooo Ill let you know how that goes! 

I really don't understand people motives sometimes. "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" Thumper said....well lets put it this way..if a stranger has no clue what is going on they probably should not give their two cents into your life. Okay over it. (well not really...but..ya) 

Check out the new links on the right side they are the websites that I check a lot or think are uber important or think people should just check out. 

well I think I am going to check out...I have had an exhausting day of school. 



Songs of Joy

Its been a while....

The weather is starting to cool down here, it is probably just a tease. I am totally busy with school right now, this semester is going to be a hard one. I have a lot of reading for each class. Good thing I like reading~ 
In my Anthropology book the other day I read that there is any Indian tribe that makes the women bake their heads in ovens every lunar quarter..odd? I'd say so. 

Phillipa is here in Reno on her way out to the coast for her internship at Powder. It's so nice seeing her...We could almost have an entire CBA reunion with the amount of kids that live out in this part of the US now! ha! Hopefully Spizz will pop by, food with Brad?, who knows where Dieg is! 

I have my first meeting with the bike team on tomorrow evening. I am excited. I do have to admit it has been nice taking a small break from riding right now (it has given me some time to really pay attention to school and trying to find a job. (I have had to talk to a million different people about trying to find a job and then I get forwarded to another person and then another person, etc. All I want is a freakin' job!)) --Pippa is trying to explain where Crested Butte is to a lady on the phone...kinda' funny!-- anyways: I am a little bummed out that I didn't have the budget or the "time" to go to Brianhead for the final NORBA at the season, looking through the results it looks like the few other girls that I race against that go to school were in a similar vote. 

Did you know: 
 Starbucks is adding an average of 34 stores a week, 52 weeks a year! Its ultimate goal is 30,000 stores worldwide. ANNNDDD the company is just "scratching the surface" of China! (See I do pay attention in school!) 

I got really excited to get done with UNR the other day and go to FIDM! Do something that I REALLY want to do. 

Ohhhhhh...did you know that stealing paper products (i.e. paper towels, tissues, toilet paper) is punishable by law if taken off of the UNR campus. Ya, that is the sign that I saw in the ladies powder room last night while I was in Frandsen Hall! ha ha ha! Who steals paper towels? 

In my CRJ class (hopefully my last!) our syllabus outlines the class is based upon Star Trek (yes, the movie. Or is it a TV show? idk!) but it relates to Law and Justice apparently. Hummmm.....

I was almost able to sing a song from every single Disney movie last night...and other child hood movies. Chris was SO delighted ( along with everyone else in the condo!) MAYBE if you're lucky I can treat you all to a Disney song one day! 

Well, I think I am going to go do something cool!