ya'll wanna go git some ribs?

funny sayings:
Don't judge a rib tent  by their awards, sometimes they are not that good...
"What not to wear" to the rib cook off....
Gosh, we are such attractive people
I am going to take up tetris as a professional sport, 26,000!!! 
Im good at tetris.
Do I have something on my face? 
The new knowledge center at school, me in the knowledge center? ha 

School is back in session! My Tuesdays are filled to the max, my wen are consumed with homework and reading, my Thursday is my Friday...ah. 

I figured out my french press makes 2 cups of coffee for me! YES! I REALLY need some more coffee beans. 

The Kinder's rib tent is the best at the rib cook off, I could probably go back and eat a 1/2 rack, maybe even a FULL! ddaaannngggg!!!! I really wish I would of worn my NASCAR shirt to the rib cook off last night so I would have fit in better....but we did get the hick accents down! 

My IS teacher erk (sp?) me a wee bit, no mac computers?!?! Is she nuts? I think so! Day two of class: we just discussed the syllabus? SERIOUSLY!??!?! I can read thank you! 

My camera was finally charged so hopefully there are some more good pictures coming soon! Plus Sami just got her dope cam-bam-er-a so I am sure there will be amazing photos around. 

I was going to try and race tonight at Northstar but, I unfortunately do not have enough time from when I get out of class nor the $15 that I need for entry. I'll probably go on a ride in Reno or a run with some stairs. I really wish that I could afford the race soooo bad. Silly money. 

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