tea and eggs at 12:35 pm

This guy would probably be my best friend ever because obviously we both like bikes and shoes!
Cross training for next season
I decided that Missy Giove is a freaking bad ass!

So I raced last night at Northstar, I got 2nd. I decided at the start of the race that I wasn't going to try that hard because I really want to make sure that this weekend I annihilate the race and come home happily as Nevada National XC wmns champion. My mind set changed a little bit last night when I saw that the Sobe-Cannodale pro was racing, I really wanted to try and stay close to her and I knew I could. On my first lap at the bottom of the switch backs I had a littttttle mechanical problem: my chain came off...not just once, or twice..but 4 times. On my first lap I was 4 minutes behind her after my chain accident. I was able to catch up with the other girl in the race (Marion) on the downhill. On my second lap I was  minutes behind the Sobe chick. 3rd lap, I'm not sure, Marion dropped out. I was majorly bummed. So obviously I have some mechanical issues that I need to work out before Sunday. I was really excited that my dad and Chris came out to watch me. I really enjoyed having some one to talk to briefly on each lap. Man O Man some of those older ladies can climb! So any ways, my dad treated us to pizza after the race it was SUPER GOOD! DANG! Casey was my life saver at the start of the race because he had to mess with my front derailleur because my chain was dragging on it. phheeewww! 
But anyways I had a fabulous relaxing night with ice cream a movie and Christopher. 
I tried to get a job today... because it basically off season again in Tahoe nothing can really happen until the season starts. But on a positive note this will be better for my biking schedule. 

"Never tell a bald man a hair-raising story" (that was the tag on my Salada right now) 

So I need to wash Sparky and Syd today clean the house because it is a freakin mess for some reason....hmmm...find bike lock (s) and hope that the bikes get here today! 

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