Swollen eye
Yesterday I started to notice that my eye was a little puffy...this morning my eye is really puffy. I am icing it right now...its kinda funny though because I can see the swelling from my eye and it drives me nuts. 

Yesterday we floated the river from the Patagonia outlet. It took 5 hours. By the time we got to where we normally float from we were all over it and cold....but we had to keep going to the park off  zero street.....grrreeaaatttttt. 

We tried out BJ's brewery last night. The wings were AWESOME. My burger was giant. Lesson learned: share a burger when you go with someone. 

I really need to find a job. 

I am supposed to race tonight at Northstar. I also just found out that Nevada Cup Championships are this weekend at Sky Tavern...opppss! Well hopefully I do well!! 
So yes, my bike is fixed!!! I am so stoked that I got the part so promptly and the dudes over at Bicycle Bananas were able to fix it for me so fast. 

Well I have a ton of stuff to do before this afternoon! 


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