Something to lose

2 blocks from school...I can't complain...my roommate on the other hand....HA JUST KIDDING! 
I had the pleasure of moving all that....down one set of stairs, thru a bee hive and then I gave up and put Chris is charge of it...
This is my room, not in my room, but taken a part and spread a cross another room...

Everything has been moved in that we possibly own at this point in time. Now putting it all away is the next hassle (we are getting there). We have couches now! It's super nice to have a sitting area...phewwww! 

I was stung 3 different times by bees the other day while moving in, probably because I am so sweet and I get it from my mama! : ) Anyways, Now all my stings are wicked swollen, I just wikipediaed how a bee sting work, geeeezzz its intense! The sting on my elbow is the size of a tennis ball and then the two on my finger look like I have fat kid hands (you know with no knuckles?) 

I found my dream townie...its out of stock until the 20th of this month, so I can't decide if I just want to hold tight until then...hmmmmmm! 

Anyways for the record...I had a crappy race last night. I tore the cable out of my rear shock causing my bike not to lock out making it feel like I was riding a bike atop a trampoline or basically a blown out rear shock. I have NEVER pulled myself from a race before, I was embarrassed, I am trying to convince myself that it was not really my fault and it was completely out of my hands (which it was). The one thing I don't understand at all is why on earth I have broken this bike so much this year....hmmmm.... something just isn't right. 

So I got the coolest thing from my dad so I could learn how to grill its like this fork that reads the temp of the inside of the meat to tell you if its done or not. Now, we just need to get the grill. Bobby Flay....WATCH OUT! 

Well I have a ton of stuff to do today, I feel like the list never ends! 


ohhh Hot August Nights tonight?!?

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