rushing to class

Obsessed? Maybe.

Gosh, I have been so busy getting ready for school the last week that I have seldom found free time in my life to blog...but...now right before I run to my first class of the semester... while eating breakfast ( an egg, quinoa with black beans and tomitilla sauce) I have a little time... plus I wasn't able to do to the fact that my hard drive crashed the other day. Talk about a disaster! 

I spent so much time in the apple store down in south Reno I could basically run the dang place! ha!
I did find out some cool tricks about computers so facts, I pretty much have figured out how to use an external hard drive to a T! Did you know that Apple stores also offer a 10-20% discount off new iPods if you bring in your old one? its there way of obviously being eco friendly..... so looks like I am in luck with the iPod situation seeing I own 4 dead ones! 

I ran some errands on campus yesterday so I could make sure I would be ready for today, it was wicked refreshing to see some of my buddies. I know that today I will see even more! WAHOO! 

I finally had the time in my life to go and ride Sparky up peavine yesterday! It was so nice to be out there pedaling! BUUUTTTTTT....it looks like fall is slowly creeping up on us and the days are getting shorter, so I need to star leaving earlier for my rides. 

Our internet is finally 100% working. We have cable now too! Buttttttt no TV up stairs, I was able to hook mine up downstairs in my room so I was able to watch the closing Olympic ceremonies the other night. 

These townies have  been probably the best thing ever! I looooove riding around. It is really funny to see the amount of people on campus on bikes now. UNR needs to get more bike racks! 

OHHHHHH!!!!! I totally forgot... Chris and I went and explored the new library! UNR now has the 3rd most progressive lib in America or something like that. Its 6 stories, we started at the top and worked our way down...all the levels looks the same...full of books and desks..... weird! ha ha ha! JK! It was SUPER quite in there though. Chris tried to be loud.. I would get embarrassed. ha. It was cool, today I am not a library person or I would probably be there a lot. 

I have to hand write notes today because I don't have word installed on my computer until Thursday! ahhh!

There is a new girl on campus that looks like she might try and challenge me and Sami's Nike collection....but the only thing is she was wearing Reebok's. 

Speaking of what to wear....I need to finish up eating and go and get dressed! 

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