Nevada cup championships

6:00 AM my alarm went off. I wanted to just hit the snooze button, but today that wasn't going to fly. I knew I needed to get up, wake up and get excited for the race today. I headed to the kitchen and prepared 2 eggs and a bowl or granola and yogurt with a big glass of water. I sat on the couch and played on the internet and ate. While the rest of Reno was still asleep (for the most part) I was getting dressed and packing my car to head up Mt. Rose highway to race at Sky Tavern for Nevada Cup Championships. I was out the door by 7, yes, there was some MAJOR procrastination. I drove up to Muffin to grab my normal whole wheat bagel and cup of coffee,but, to my surprise they were not open at that hour of the morning. I went to starbuck's down the street and got a cup of hot, freshly brewed pikes peak. The drive up to Sky Tavern was twisty and turning ( I rarely go up Mt. Rose highway) I was wondering why on earth people go to Mt. Rose to ski? ya, the Chutes...which are probably only good once every eon when we actually get pow...but otherwise it doesn't look that cool. Eddie Vedder accompanied me on the radio while I was driving up the pass. I pulled into the parking lot and talked on my phone to my mom...I was nervous so I don't really remember what we talked about. I headed over to registration and I was greeted with many warm hellos. I finally got my riding gear on, after going to the powder room abut 3 times from all the liquid I had consumed earlier in the morning! ha. I spun for an extra long time hoping that I would get loose faster (not so much!) We started at 9, 3 laps, 18-miles. I stayed with one of the pro women for quite a while on my first lap, which seemed totally stupid because I wasn't loose yet and was pushing myself a lot harder than I should of. I got a feel for the course and headed back up for my 2nd lap, I was feeling GREAT on my second lap (this always seems to happen) and it went a lot faster then normal, 3rd lap I could tell I was getting tired but knew that as soon as I got over the climb I was essential home free because it was all flat or downhill with on tiny climb. I was stoked to cross the finish line 2nd for overall girls today, 1st in my category which brings me to say: I AM NEVAD CUP CHAMPION FOR EXPERT WOMEN! HHHOOOOORRRRAAAYYYY!!! I am pretty excited! Now the excitement is overruled by tiredness and hungry even though I have already had a burrito, mac n' cheese, 8 mini waffles and a working on a quart of gatorade. I think a salad is next on the menu at some point tonight! YUM! 
I was really happy with my climbing today all three laps, it was nice to push myself on the first lap and really try to pace myself while climbing on my other two laps. I know that pacing myself has been an issue for awhile and is something I would really  like to tackle. I do believe that my little ride yesterday up Donner Pass with my dad helped me a lot...he was trying to make me ride ridiculously slow doing a 9-minute mile (YUUCCKKKK) but it was teaching me to pace myself...of course I could only keep myself going that slow for 2 of the 3.5 miles...

I fell into a bush today...yep..ha! I was trying to get over this little tech section and I just noticed myself tipping to the left....next thing I knew I was in the bush. 

I am really looking forward to the UNR bike team (again), a lot of the kids are really nice!!! 

I am totally excited not to ride my bike tomorrow, I plan on doing what I am good at: sleeping and eating. 


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