Lend me your ears...

Dear Reno, 
Have you ever taken the time to look around at the largely obese population that throngs this city? Does it ever cross anyone else mind of why people in cities are so unhealthy? Why on earth do you pollute your bodies in such a way? Have you all not heard the saying: Your body is a temple. I don't think that very many people take into consideration how much one taints their bodies daily, from the lack of exercise to the food we eat and beverages we drink. Health issues do not normally effect a person until they are informed by a doctor that their cholesterol is high, or they have become a diabetic, or perhaps been unfortunately struck by cancer. If everyone made an effort to put down the "Big Mac" and pick up an apple or have a glass of water instead of a can of beer your body would be benefiting hugely, you are doing yourself a favor. 
The last couple days that I have been back in Reno I have been re-introduced to this fast pace type of life style. At noon you look at the drive through lines at fast food restaurants to see people who shove their food in their mouth in a negative amount of time, who don't care how those french fries are going to effect them down the road. Seldom do you see people around Reno whom brought there lunches homemade and are enjoying them outside. But, when you do you can just look at these people and tell the difference in lifestyle, they are people who appreciates themselves more than then those in the fast food joint. I do have to admit that I had a good giggle the other day when I went into Whole Foods and was hunting around for gluten free foods and the most delicious looking raw fruits and veggies, the store was flooded with people who you could tell didn't belong there. Those people were no where close to health freaks, but unlike the other people that were opting for TGIF across the street they were making the extra effort to make sure they were shopping smart, going for the organic cage free chicken verse who knows what kinda' chicken (if it is chicken used across the street). The smart shoppers are the ones that are going to reap the benefits in the future. I understand that organic foods are more on the expensive side than normal grocery store foods but it is worth it: the fresh taste, the natural flavors! YUM! I am very thankful that my family has been able to provide me with a budget to eat healthy.....Okay so I am far from perfect when it comes to eating like at 10. I have my occasional melt downs where I crave PF Changs, or a Snickers bar over a fresh salad and bowl of granola, but it is okay to splurge every once in awhile, occasionally your body does need a small fix of crappy food.
Exercise: When you exercise it makes you feel better. After breaking my bike on Thursday night I have pretty much become bikeless until this situation is worked out (hopefully before this Thursday so I can go out and win). This evening I started to get cabin fever and knew that I needed to get out and do something. I hiked up to the "N" on Peavine and looked out over Reno. That small about of exercise left me feeling 100% better tonight, I knew that it was good for me to get out and build my endorphins. I come from a ski town where attitude is bigger than appetite, where exercise isn't an option its a way of life, where obesity isn't sitting next to you on the bio-diesel bus headed up the mountain; People from the mountains seem to constitute a different way of living. When school is in session I always see the teacher and secretaries out speed walking around the quad on their breaks; trying to make the most out of their time off and treat their bodies to a gift...I LOVE IT! I am excited to finally be a student that rides a bike to class this year instead of drives, the little extra exercise effort is making a difference to me, I am benefiting. 

So take the extra time to walk down the street, enjoy the sunshine, and be so thankful that we all live in such beautiful environments. When you feel the urge to turn left into Burger King keep going straight and head to the health food store. Pick organic over fried. Do yourselves a favor and be nice to your body because we all only live once and we have to enjoy what we have. 


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