If I were an artist...

I woke up this morning as a rockstar. 
Whatever you do, don't look into her eyes.
The innocent little girl...
I'm normally all smiles. TEEETH! 
Today Vance had to do a project for school down in Sac where he needed 20 different ports of a person, so with his creativeness, sami's photog skills and ummm me, we got some pretty cool photos. It was cool trying to mess around with different photo technics and stuff. 

I am going road riding with my dad Sunday at 8 am. Oh boy. I am actually really excited. 

I wish I had an "off" button right now so I could just relax and not stress about before school stuff. I know that any decision I make will be right on. 

I am really excited because I am almost done with my sponsor vid for this year...let me tell you its pretty cool! 

Good news: My nano just turned on, that way I have some source of music for the gym and riding...phheewwwww. 

Keep it loose, Keep it tight
Amos Lee 

Well I walked over the bridge 
Into the city where I live, 
And I saw my old landlord. 
Well we both said hello, 
There was no where else to go, 
'cuz his rent I couldn't afford. 

Well relationships change, 
Oh I think it's kinda strange, 
How money makes a man grow. 
Some people they claim, 
if you get enough fame, 
you live over the rainbow. 
Over the rainbow...

But the people on the street, 
Out on buses or on feet, 
We all got the same blood flow. 
Oh, in society, 
Every dollar got a deed, 
We all need a place so we can go, 
And feel over the rainbow. 

But sometimes, 
We forget what we got, 
who we are. 
Oh who we are not. 
I think we gotta chance, 
to make it right. 
Keep it loose, 
keep it tight. 

I'm in love with a girl, 
who's in love with the world, 
Thought I can't help but follow. 
Though I know some day, 
She is bound to go away, 
And stay over the rainbow. 
Gotta learn how to let her go. 
Over the rainbow. 

Sometimes we forget who we got, 
who they are. 
Oh, who they are not. 
There is so much more in love, 
than black and white. 
Keep it loose child, 
gotta keep it tight. 

Amos Lee is totally worth downloading. He obviously has great lyrics. Plus he has an amazing voice! 

Well off to the gym and then salad time! 

"The awareness of our own strength makes us modest" Paul Cezanne

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