I like to eat.....way to much....

I enjoyed coffee and mimosa's with my dad at Squeeze In with an amazing Ditz Crew omelet on Sunday. We also went on a ride to Alpine Meadows, it was nice to be back out on my road bike. 
NOTE: its starting to get cold in the mornings.

Syd parked next to a Prius
A meathead with his blonde girlfriend at Silver Peak. Spinach salad with a Heffenweizer and then off to watch stepbrothers with Chris. What a relaxing Sunday night...

Now I am off to finish the horror of finding a place to live. Hopefully by 2 o'clock today I have keys to a condo on campus!!! ughhhhh that would be nice and then the next object that needs to be tackled is a job, then the wrist doctor....

off to My Favorite Muffin to meet everyone for breakfast! 

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