hunting....obviously out of season.

The end of Sushi and Sake. 
The thing I like best about me: I ride a bike (bok...close... 2nd grade)
Heffenweizer, water and a salad.
RERO! the biggest little city in the world, where they can't even afford to spell out reno.
This is what happens when you've been house hunting for hours on end...
Sushi and sake.

School hasn't even started yet I am already starting to stress out a tad. I have never realized how much thought goes into the location that you live...I have made numerous lists on Truckee verse Reno, every time they come out about the same,but, for some reason I am always questioning my decision. It is kind of like when you are trying to conquer your fears, mine being heights and jumping off things, the longer I think about it the less likely I am going to jump or the more scared I am going to get. I just need to take the plunge and move into a place and stop thinking about it. I know that I will make the most out of where ever I live and it will end up to be a great location. I think I am a little nervous that a majority of my friends live in Reno and for some reason I am thinking I'll never see them again, which isn't true. I also know that I don't want this move to be a decision that I look back on and regret. Living in Truckee is like when I lived in the Butte and drove down to WSC 2 days a week...that wasn't a problem and I believe I had better grades that semester....hmmmmm....... the colorful condos do seem VERY appealing tho...UGHHH!! 

It is nice to be back in Reno even though I haven't really been down here. I finally got to go on a ride with Chris...it was pretty fun...but we were both tired. I am really glad that I decided not to race at Northstar that day (Thursday) because I would have been in over my head. We both replenished with a BOMB sushi dinner and free sake at RickShaw!!! They didn't have clam to make the BEST roll ever but the sushi roller (Lena...the best sushi person EVER!) got wicked creative and made us some amazing food. I don't think I'll ever be able to go to a different sushi place in Reno again. I can't wait to go there on the 15th! he he he. 

My room is a wreck right now. I am half packed 1/2 scattered across the apartment. 

Hot August nights are starting soon. 

The rib cook off is just about here too! 

I am seriously thinking about selling my DH bike. 

It is funny how something as simple as searching for a house can be so draining, I could really go for a nap right now. 

I really would like to go on a road bike ride with my dad.

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