deep breath.

Chris and I adventured this morning:

The old man in the mountain... California style.
Our choice of hiking shoes. Great for rock climbing... errrrrr....
The view from atop the old mans face.
Mr. Smiles
What we hiked up.

I am pretty sure there is an animal living in the ventilation above the microwave, probably a bat named Fred or a bird named Shirley; either way... it needs to leave! 

Have you every taken the time to look up the word STRESS in the dictionary? I know that when I am curious about a definition (so I am sure I am using the word in the correct diction) I go and look it up on Merriam-Webster online. I took the time to look it up for you: 

Main entry: Stress 
Pronunciation: \'stres\
Function: Noun 
Etymology: Middle English stresse stress, distress, short for destresse
Date: 14th Century

1. Constraining force or influence 
2. A state resulting from stress; especially: one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium. <>stress>

Function: Verb 
Date: 1545
1. To subject to physical or psychological stress 
3. To lay stress on; to feel stress

WOW! the word dates back to the 14Th Century! Amazing! I personally love it when I am not stressed out, but, lately for some odd reason I have been. Maybe stress is to powerful of a word, perhaps overloaded is better. I have a list of "things to do" that goes on for days, but, because of my age some certain people (or person) seems to think that that type of lifestyle is impossible at my youthful age....well its not I can be stress to the max.. remember I am in school. Try to recall the days that you were in college, I know that most of my school days are all less then fun and games...it is amazing the work load that I try to handle every semester whether it be 12 or 15 units hours...now picture yourself trying to be an up and coming athlete, balancing school and training, and on top of that an eventual job. WOW. Now, to me that seems like a lot, but what do I know.....Im not trying to creep out of doing all of it, it just seems like a lot currently.

In a perfect world stress wouldn't happen, it would not be a competition to see who can work harder or who does the best at this or that,  money wouldn't be an issue, everyone would get a long...sisters, brothers, families, neighbors. 

Bad attitudes work the same way a smile does....if you smile and are cheerful to one person, that person will pass it on to another person, etc.... leading to everyone being full of joy... now...the same thing happens when you have a bad attitude it seems...or if you are trying to play mind games with anther people....that is going to effect one person in a negative way, which some how or another is passed on to another person, etc..... eventually it leaves everyone stressed and with horribly negative attitudes....SO why don't we make this simple... everyone should pick choice A (smiling and being in a good mood), stop the crap and realize how much happier you can be. When you make a bad decision it SHOULD NOT EFFECT OTHER PEOPLE! it is not their fault... your negativity was YOUR decision not theirs.

Sorry about rant...

anyways... off to clean the house some more and chase wild elephants around the living room... hang up some art... be productive, turn my frown upside down!


"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes" 

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