Deck day

Shredding the gnar...
The view from the living room
I caught some rays on the deck today
The boys relaxing in the sitting area
I made some sun tea on the deck today
Sweet 3-wheeler buddy! 
Today was a lovely Sunday. I started off waking up way to early for a college student, had a cup of Costa rican coffee made in the french press and a granny smith apple...headed up to Truckee and did the triangle ride with my dad and then barb my dad and I headed to Donner Lake Kitchen for brunch! It was pretty good...but...it had nothing on Squeeze In! The ride was awesome, but I rode uphill like a 2 year old! oh well, I am looking forward to riding again tomorrow. I also was lucky enough to pedal my DH bike around the living room....now if I only had a helmet....ha! 

I just found out a really cool thing about my townie...butttt your just going to have to wait. 


I am making gluten free chocolate cookies right now...the dough is really good. I got creative and made it in a muffin tin because I don't own a cookie tray. 

Since I live such an interesting life I watch "Kicking and Screaming" with Will Ferrel last night, by myself...I don't suggest it. 

The deck here is officially AWESOME for bronzing, I caught some rays today. 

I am going to start taking chlorophyll, it is good for you and I want to be more like a plant. ha ha NOT! 

I am in need of a SC trip! 

16 days until school starts, well 15 for those who start on  Monday. 

I am really antsy to find out what the bike schedule is for this collegiate season, hopefully something will be published soon. 

I need to go and tend to my cookies! Ta-ta!!! 

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