A day off with things I should do....

Prius with bike rack
(Don't get any ideas...)
Redneck water slides
Good for hot days.
Townie riding.
two for the price of one

Today was a nice easy relax day, I really wanted to go find a job but the realization of school setting in got to me. Instead I returned my parking pass and paid for classes. Chris and I went to muffin ( I was thinking again...how great of a place that would be for me to work 2 days a week...but then the down fall could possibly be that I wouldn't want to eat bagel anymore...ughhhh). I can't believe that school starts next week...there are already a lot of new freshies on campus trying to get the feeling for school. 
I came up with a great idea today of starting a snow sorority for all the fellow chica shredders that go to UNR...its in the process of brewing. 
Tonight we actually have more people over besides Scotty and Chris...pretty amazing...I know! Well I think I am going to wake up early so I can go and ride my road bike! Wahooo! 


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