Because weekends are made for fun...even though its Monday

Broken Sparky...Soon to be fixed! HOORAY! thank you! 
Obviously I was supposed to head "that way" shown by the arrow on my road ride today. 
From my house, over to Maccarren, to 4th St up to Verdi. It was a struggle to get out of bed but I sure am glad I got up! 
It's a beaut, huh?

The hardest part about wanting pasta is deciding what type of sauce you want to have to top it off! I really want pasta right now, but I am debating between red sauce or pesto...or just going to la pasta bistro in South reno and having them whip something up for me...
It's 4:14, I want dinner, I have read the news about 80 trillion times, Im listening to Debbie Deb "Look out weekend" and its only Monday...hummmm! I think I need a life...I know as soon as school starts though I will be beggin' for a day like this.

16 days until the rib cook off starts!  

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