ya'll wanna go git some ribs?

funny sayings:
Don't judge a rib tent  by their awards, sometimes they are not that good...
"What not to wear" to the rib cook off....
Gosh, we are such attractive people
I am going to take up tetris as a professional sport, 26,000!!! 
Im good at tetris.
Do I have something on my face? 
The new knowledge center at school, me in the knowledge center? ha 

School is back in session! My Tuesdays are filled to the max, my wen are consumed with homework and reading, my Thursday is my Friday...ah. 

I figured out my french press makes 2 cups of coffee for me! YES! I REALLY need some more coffee beans. 

The Kinder's rib tent is the best at the rib cook off, I could probably go back and eat a 1/2 rack, maybe even a FULL! ddaaannngggg!!!! I really wish I would of worn my NASCAR shirt to the rib cook off last night so I would have fit in better....but we did get the hick accents down! 

My IS teacher erk (sp?) me a wee bit, no mac computers?!?! Is she nuts? I think so! Day two of class: we just discussed the syllabus? SERIOUSLY!??!?! I can read thank you! 

My camera was finally charged so hopefully there are some more good pictures coming soon! Plus Sami just got her dope cam-bam-er-a so I am sure there will be amazing photos around. 

I was going to try and race tonight at Northstar but, I unfortunately do not have enough time from when I get out of class nor the $15 that I need for entry. I'll probably go on a ride in Reno or a run with some stairs. I really wish that I could afford the race soooo bad. Silly money. 


rushing to class

Obsessed? Maybe.

Gosh, I have been so busy getting ready for school the last week that I have seldom found free time in my life to blog...but...now right before I run to my first class of the semester... while eating breakfast ( an egg, quinoa with black beans and tomitilla sauce) I have a little time... plus I wasn't able to do to the fact that my hard drive crashed the other day. Talk about a disaster! 

I spent so much time in the apple store down in south Reno I could basically run the dang place! ha!
I did find out some cool tricks about computers so facts, I pretty much have figured out how to use an external hard drive to a T! Did you know that Apple stores also offer a 10-20% discount off new iPods if you bring in your old one? its there way of obviously being eco friendly..... so looks like I am in luck with the iPod situation seeing I own 4 dead ones! 

I ran some errands on campus yesterday so I could make sure I would be ready for today, it was wicked refreshing to see some of my buddies. I know that today I will see even more! WAHOO! 

I finally had the time in my life to go and ride Sparky up peavine yesterday! It was so nice to be out there pedaling! BUUUTTTTTT....it looks like fall is slowly creeping up on us and the days are getting shorter, so I need to star leaving earlier for my rides. 

Our internet is finally 100% working. We have cable now too! Buttttttt no TV up stairs, I was able to hook mine up downstairs in my room so I was able to watch the closing Olympic ceremonies the other night. 

These townies have  been probably the best thing ever! I looooove riding around. It is really funny to see the amount of people on campus on bikes now. UNR needs to get more bike racks! 

OHHHHHH!!!!! I totally forgot... Chris and I went and explored the new library! UNR now has the 3rd most progressive lib in America or something like that. Its 6 stories, we started at the top and worked our way down...all the levels looks the same...full of books and desks..... weird! ha ha ha! JK! It was SUPER quite in there though. Chris tried to be loud.. I would get embarrassed. ha. It was cool, today I am not a library person or I would probably be there a lot. 

I have to hand write notes today because I don't have word installed on my computer until Thursday! ahhh!

There is a new girl on campus that looks like she might try and challenge me and Sami's Nike collection....but the only thing is she was wearing Reebok's. 

Speaking of what to wear....I need to finish up eating and go and get dressed! 


deep breath.

Chris and I adventured this morning:

The old man in the mountain... California style.
Our choice of hiking shoes. Great for rock climbing... errrrrr....
The view from atop the old mans face.
Mr. Smiles
What we hiked up.

I am pretty sure there is an animal living in the ventilation above the microwave, probably a bat named Fred or a bird named Shirley; either way... it needs to leave! 

Have you every taken the time to look up the word STRESS in the dictionary? I know that when I am curious about a definition (so I am sure I am using the word in the correct diction) I go and look it up on Merriam-Webster online. I took the time to look it up for you: 

Main entry: Stress 
Pronunciation: \'stres\
Function: Noun 
Etymology: Middle English stresse stress, distress, short for destresse
Date: 14th Century

1. Constraining force or influence 
2. A state resulting from stress; especially: one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium. <>stress>

Function: Verb 
Date: 1545
1. To subject to physical or psychological stress 
3. To lay stress on; to feel stress

WOW! the word dates back to the 14Th Century! Amazing! I personally love it when I am not stressed out, but, lately for some odd reason I have been. Maybe stress is to powerful of a word, perhaps overloaded is better. I have a list of "things to do" that goes on for days, but, because of my age some certain people (or person) seems to think that that type of lifestyle is impossible at my youthful age....well its not I can be stress to the max.. remember I am in school. Try to recall the days that you were in college, I know that most of my school days are all less then fun and games...it is amazing the work load that I try to handle every semester whether it be 12 or 15 units hours...now picture yourself trying to be an up and coming athlete, balancing school and training, and on top of that an eventual job. WOW. Now, to me that seems like a lot, but what do I know.....Im not trying to creep out of doing all of it, it just seems like a lot currently.

In a perfect world stress wouldn't happen, it would not be a competition to see who can work harder or who does the best at this or that,  money wouldn't be an issue, everyone would get a long...sisters, brothers, families, neighbors. 

Bad attitudes work the same way a smile does....if you smile and are cheerful to one person, that person will pass it on to another person, etc.... leading to everyone being full of joy... now...the same thing happens when you have a bad attitude it seems...or if you are trying to play mind games with anther people....that is going to effect one person in a negative way, which some how or another is passed on to another person, etc..... eventually it leaves everyone stressed and with horribly negative attitudes....SO why don't we make this simple... everyone should pick choice A (smiling and being in a good mood), stop the crap and realize how much happier you can be. When you make a bad decision it SHOULD NOT EFFECT OTHER PEOPLE! it is not their fault... your negativity was YOUR decision not theirs.

Sorry about rant...

anyways... off to clean the house some more and chase wild elephants around the living room... hang up some art... be productive, turn my frown upside down!


"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes" 

Nevada State Championship photos

Nevada State Championships top 3 women
Nevada State Champion- Expert-women 19-29 Cross Country

HOOOORAY! Next race is at Northstar on Thursday! I can't wait!


1 year anniversary

...thats right, Percy and I have officially been together for an entire year...
wow...I am pretty sure all my other fish have lasted about a month. 
He's a happy little guy.

I thought that this picture was pretty funny. I like searching the internet for silly pictures of bike stuff, and since I am totally into art I think this is super cool.
Well, I am off to try and ride with Casey. It finally cleared up this afternoon, it was yucky looking this morning. Hopefully it isn't to windy up on peavine! 




A day off with things I should do....

Prius with bike rack
(Don't get any ideas...)
Redneck water slides
Good for hot days.
Townie riding.
two for the price of one

Today was a nice easy relax day, I really wanted to go find a job but the realization of school setting in got to me. Instead I returned my parking pass and paid for classes. Chris and I went to muffin ( I was thinking again...how great of a place that would be for me to work 2 days a week...but then the down fall could possibly be that I wouldn't want to eat bagel anymore...ughhhh). I can't believe that school starts next week...there are already a lot of new freshies on campus trying to get the feeling for school. 
I came up with a great idea today of starting a snow sorority for all the fellow chica shredders that go to UNR...its in the process of brewing. 
Tonight we actually have more people over besides Scotty and Chris...pretty amazing...I know! Well I think I am going to wake up early so I can go and ride my road bike! Wahooo! 



Nevada cup championships

6:00 AM my alarm went off. I wanted to just hit the snooze button, but today that wasn't going to fly. I knew I needed to get up, wake up and get excited for the race today. I headed to the kitchen and prepared 2 eggs and a bowl or granola and yogurt with a big glass of water. I sat on the couch and played on the internet and ate. While the rest of Reno was still asleep (for the most part) I was getting dressed and packing my car to head up Mt. Rose highway to race at Sky Tavern for Nevada Cup Championships. I was out the door by 7, yes, there was some MAJOR procrastination. I drove up to Muffin to grab my normal whole wheat bagel and cup of coffee,but, to my surprise they were not open at that hour of the morning. I went to starbuck's down the street and got a cup of hot, freshly brewed pikes peak. The drive up to Sky Tavern was twisty and turning ( I rarely go up Mt. Rose highway) I was wondering why on earth people go to Mt. Rose to ski? ya, the Chutes...which are probably only good once every eon when we actually get pow...but otherwise it doesn't look that cool. Eddie Vedder accompanied me on the radio while I was driving up the pass. I pulled into the parking lot and talked on my phone to my mom...I was nervous so I don't really remember what we talked about. I headed over to registration and I was greeted with many warm hellos. I finally got my riding gear on, after going to the powder room abut 3 times from all the liquid I had consumed earlier in the morning! ha. I spun for an extra long time hoping that I would get loose faster (not so much!) We started at 9, 3 laps, 18-miles. I stayed with one of the pro women for quite a while on my first lap, which seemed totally stupid because I wasn't loose yet and was pushing myself a lot harder than I should of. I got a feel for the course and headed back up for my 2nd lap, I was feeling GREAT on my second lap (this always seems to happen) and it went a lot faster then normal, 3rd lap I could tell I was getting tired but knew that as soon as I got over the climb I was essential home free because it was all flat or downhill with on tiny climb. I was stoked to cross the finish line 2nd for overall girls today, 1st in my category which brings me to say: I AM NEVAD CUP CHAMPION FOR EXPERT WOMEN! HHHOOOOORRRRAAAYYYY!!! I am pretty excited! Now the excitement is overruled by tiredness and hungry even though I have already had a burrito, mac n' cheese, 8 mini waffles and a working on a quart of gatorade. I think a salad is next on the menu at some point tonight! YUM! 
I was really happy with my climbing today all three laps, it was nice to push myself on the first lap and really try to pace myself while climbing on my other two laps. I know that pacing myself has been an issue for awhile and is something I would really  like to tackle. I do believe that my little ride yesterday up Donner Pass with my dad helped me a lot...he was trying to make me ride ridiculously slow doing a 9-minute mile (YUUCCKKKK) but it was teaching me to pace myself...of course I could only keep myself going that slow for 2 of the 3.5 miles...

I fell into a bush today...yep..ha! I was trying to get over this little tech section and I just noticed myself tipping to the left....next thing I knew I was in the bush. 

I am really looking forward to the UNR bike team (again), a lot of the kids are really nice!!! 

I am totally excited not to ride my bike tomorrow, I plan on doing what I am good at: sleeping and eating. 



tea and eggs at 12:35 pm

This guy would probably be my best friend ever because obviously we both like bikes and shoes!
Cross training for next season
I decided that Missy Giove is a freaking bad ass!

So I raced last night at Northstar, I got 2nd. I decided at the start of the race that I wasn't going to try that hard because I really want to make sure that this weekend I annihilate the race and come home happily as Nevada National XC wmns champion. My mind set changed a little bit last night when I saw that the Sobe-Cannodale pro was racing, I really wanted to try and stay close to her and I knew I could. On my first lap at the bottom of the switch backs I had a littttttle mechanical problem: my chain came off...not just once, or twice..but 4 times. On my first lap I was 4 minutes behind her after my chain accident. I was able to catch up with the other girl in the race (Marion) on the downhill. On my second lap I was  minutes behind the Sobe chick. 3rd lap, I'm not sure, Marion dropped out. I was majorly bummed. So obviously I have some mechanical issues that I need to work out before Sunday. I was really excited that my dad and Chris came out to watch me. I really enjoyed having some one to talk to briefly on each lap. Man O Man some of those older ladies can climb! So any ways, my dad treated us to pizza after the race it was SUPER GOOD! DANG! Casey was my life saver at the start of the race because he had to mess with my front derailleur because my chain was dragging on it. phheeewww! 
But anyways I had a fabulous relaxing night with ice cream a movie and Christopher. 
I tried to get a job today... because it basically off season again in Tahoe nothing can really happen until the season starts. But on a positive note this will be better for my biking schedule. 

"Never tell a bald man a hair-raising story" (that was the tag on my Salada right now) 

So I need to wash Sparky and Syd today clean the house because it is a freakin mess for some reason....hmmm...find bike lock (s) and hope that the bikes get here today! 



Swollen eye
Yesterday I started to notice that my eye was a little puffy...this morning my eye is really puffy. I am icing it right now...its kinda funny though because I can see the swelling from my eye and it drives me nuts. 

Yesterday we floated the river from the Patagonia outlet. It took 5 hours. By the time we got to where we normally float from we were all over it and cold....but we had to keep going to the park off  zero street.....grrreeaaatttttt. 

We tried out BJ's brewery last night. The wings were AWESOME. My burger was giant. Lesson learned: share a burger when you go with someone. 

I really need to find a job. 

I am supposed to race tonight at Northstar. I also just found out that Nevada Cup Championships are this weekend at Sky Tavern...opppss! Well hopefully I do well!! 
So yes, my bike is fixed!!! I am so stoked that I got the part so promptly and the dudes over at Bicycle Bananas were able to fix it for me so fast. 

Well I have a ton of stuff to do before this afternoon! 



Because weekends are made for fun...even though its Monday

Broken Sparky...Soon to be fixed! HOORAY! thank you! 
Obviously I was supposed to head "that way" shown by the arrow on my road ride today. 
From my house, over to Maccarren, to 4th St up to Verdi. It was a struggle to get out of bed but I sure am glad I got up! 
It's a beaut, huh?

The hardest part about wanting pasta is deciding what type of sauce you want to have to top it off! I really want pasta right now, but I am debating between red sauce or pesto...or just going to la pasta bistro in South reno and having them whip something up for me...
It's 4:14, I want dinner, I have read the news about 80 trillion times, Im listening to Debbie Deb "Look out weekend" and its only Monday...hummmm! I think I need a life...I know as soon as school starts though I will be beggin' for a day like this.

16 days until the rib cook off starts!  

next season



Deck day

Shredding the gnar...
The view from the living room
I caught some rays on the deck today
The boys relaxing in the sitting area
I made some sun tea on the deck today
Sweet 3-wheeler buddy! 
Today was a lovely Sunday. I started off waking up way to early for a college student, had a cup of Costa rican coffee made in the french press and a granny smith apple...headed up to Truckee and did the triangle ride with my dad and then barb my dad and I headed to Donner Lake Kitchen for brunch! It was pretty good...but...it had nothing on Squeeze In! The ride was awesome, but I rode uphill like a 2 year old! oh well, I am looking forward to riding again tomorrow. I also was lucky enough to pedal my DH bike around the living room....now if I only had a helmet....ha! 

I just found out a really cool thing about my townie...butttt your just going to have to wait. 


I am making gluten free chocolate cookies right now...the dough is really good. I got creative and made it in a muffin tin because I don't own a cookie tray. 

Since I live such an interesting life I watch "Kicking and Screaming" with Will Ferrel last night, by myself...I don't suggest it. 

The deck here is officially AWESOME for bronzing, I caught some rays today. 

I am going to start taking chlorophyll, it is good for you and I want to be more like a plant. ha ha NOT! 

I am in need of a SC trip! 

16 days until school starts, well 15 for those who start on  Monday. 

I am really antsy to find out what the bike schedule is for this collegiate season, hopefully something will be published soon. 

I need to go and tend to my cookies! Ta-ta!!! 


Lend me your ears...

Dear Reno, 
Have you ever taken the time to look around at the largely obese population that throngs this city? Does it ever cross anyone else mind of why people in cities are so unhealthy? Why on earth do you pollute your bodies in such a way? Have you all not heard the saying: Your body is a temple. I don't think that very many people take into consideration how much one taints their bodies daily, from the lack of exercise to the food we eat and beverages we drink. Health issues do not normally effect a person until they are informed by a doctor that their cholesterol is high, or they have become a diabetic, or perhaps been unfortunately struck by cancer. If everyone made an effort to put down the "Big Mac" and pick up an apple or have a glass of water instead of a can of beer your body would be benefiting hugely, you are doing yourself a favor. 
The last couple days that I have been back in Reno I have been re-introduced to this fast pace type of life style. At noon you look at the drive through lines at fast food restaurants to see people who shove their food in their mouth in a negative amount of time, who don't care how those french fries are going to effect them down the road. Seldom do you see people around Reno whom brought there lunches homemade and are enjoying them outside. But, when you do you can just look at these people and tell the difference in lifestyle, they are people who appreciates themselves more than then those in the fast food joint. I do have to admit that I had a good giggle the other day when I went into Whole Foods and was hunting around for gluten free foods and the most delicious looking raw fruits and veggies, the store was flooded with people who you could tell didn't belong there. Those people were no where close to health freaks, but unlike the other people that were opting for TGIF across the street they were making the extra effort to make sure they were shopping smart, going for the organic cage free chicken verse who knows what kinda' chicken (if it is chicken used across the street). The smart shoppers are the ones that are going to reap the benefits in the future. I understand that organic foods are more on the expensive side than normal grocery store foods but it is worth it: the fresh taste, the natural flavors! YUM! I am very thankful that my family has been able to provide me with a budget to eat healthy.....Okay so I am far from perfect when it comes to eating like at 10. I have my occasional melt downs where I crave PF Changs, or a Snickers bar over a fresh salad and bowl of granola, but it is okay to splurge every once in awhile, occasionally your body does need a small fix of crappy food.
Exercise: When you exercise it makes you feel better. After breaking my bike on Thursday night I have pretty much become bikeless until this situation is worked out (hopefully before this Thursday so I can go out and win). This evening I started to get cabin fever and knew that I needed to get out and do something. I hiked up to the "N" on Peavine and looked out over Reno. That small about of exercise left me feeling 100% better tonight, I knew that it was good for me to get out and build my endorphins. I come from a ski town where attitude is bigger than appetite, where exercise isn't an option its a way of life, where obesity isn't sitting next to you on the bio-diesel bus headed up the mountain; People from the mountains seem to constitute a different way of living. When school is in session I always see the teacher and secretaries out speed walking around the quad on their breaks; trying to make the most out of their time off and treat their bodies to a gift...I LOVE IT! I am excited to finally be a student that rides a bike to class this year instead of drives, the little extra exercise effort is making a difference to me, I am benefiting. 

So take the extra time to walk down the street, enjoy the sunshine, and be so thankful that we all live in such beautiful environments. When you feel the urge to turn left into Burger King keep going straight and head to the health food store. Pick organic over fried. Do yourselves a favor and be nice to your body because we all only live once and we have to enjoy what we have. 



deep breath

Obviously the move is starting to effect me....
( I didn't notice this until AFTER I left my house)
As far as I am concerned bike police should not be legal. This guy cut me off so I had to go an exit further than I wanted to...gerrrrrrrr
The new whole foods is AMAZING! I walked around for about an hour before I picked any food out, it really makes me wish that I had an endless food budget. 
I guess its an obsession....
Im almost all organized, exciting I know! I am bikeless right now, so basically that the end of the world for me....I have to resort to running YUCK! I have taken the time out to find  a dope townie tho! I can't wait to call it mine...you'll just have to see what it looks like! sorrryyy


Something to lose

2 blocks from school...I can't complain...my roommate on the other hand....HA JUST KIDDING! 
I had the pleasure of moving all that....down one set of stairs, thru a bee hive and then I gave up and put Chris is charge of it...
This is my room, not in my room, but taken a part and spread a cross another room...

Everything has been moved in that we possibly own at this point in time. Now putting it all away is the next hassle (we are getting there). We have couches now! It's super nice to have a sitting area...phewwww! 

I was stung 3 different times by bees the other day while moving in, probably because I am so sweet and I get it from my mama! : ) Anyways, Now all my stings are wicked swollen, I just wikipediaed how a bee sting work, geeeezzz its intense! The sting on my elbow is the size of a tennis ball and then the two on my finger look like I have fat kid hands (you know with no knuckles?) 

I found my dream townie...its out of stock until the 20th of this month, so I can't decide if I just want to hold tight until then...hmmmmmm! 

Anyways for the record...I had a crappy race last night. I tore the cable out of my rear shock causing my bike not to lock out making it feel like I was riding a bike atop a trampoline or basically a blown out rear shock. I have NEVER pulled myself from a race before, I was embarrassed, I am trying to convince myself that it was not really my fault and it was completely out of my hands (which it was). The one thing I don't understand at all is why on earth I have broken this bike so much this year....hmmmm.... something just isn't right. 

So I got the coolest thing from my dad so I could learn how to grill its like this fork that reads the temp of the inside of the meat to tell you if its done or not. Now, we just need to get the grill. Bobby Flay....WATCH OUT! 

Well I have a ton of stuff to do today, I feel like the list never ends! 


ohhh Hot August Nights tonight?!?


The race is on!

AND WE ARE IN! well, not totally in all of Sam and my stuff is randomly scattered around the living room, down the stairs and flooding our rooms. I have never noticed how much stuff I have in my entire life...so that means I have a lot...to add to it I am headed to Ikea today to get more! ha! We all celebrated last night with some champagne...we decided that the real celebration is going to happen when we have furniture (we are going to drink some classy PBRs!) 

I am going a million miles a minute right now. 
I have a feeling that today we are all going to have the overwhelmed feeling that Ikea give everyone. 

Well I have tons more to share...Ill put pictures up as soon as I have some good ones! 

hope all is well! 


Lucky, Thankful, so happy!!!!

I am so lucky. I am happy to say that I have found a comfortable place to live with one of my best friends in the whole wide world. We are going to be on campus, in a cute brand new 2-bd room condo. I am really excited that I get to ride a bike around campus, I honestly have been wanting to do that since I came to UNR. I really can't explain how excited I am!!!!!!! This place is beyond perfect. Living at Montebello was good, but this place is above my standards. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of carting my stuff across town and organizing it in the new place, I am sure a billion other college kids are doing the same thing right about now. I honestly never realized how much stuff I have. I think that this move might help me cut back on a lot of things that have just been sitting around this entire year. I am happy I was able to ask myself why I wanted to be in Truckee, and why all the sudden I felt that that was going to be better for me verses Reno (where I have lived the last 2 1/2 years), I know I always have places to stay up there...so I have nothing to worry about. HOOOOORRAYYYYYYY!!!!!! 

I celebrated with eating Baja Fresh for dinner! wahoo, talk about fun! 

I am going to be able to ride a bike to MFM! BIG DEALLLLL!!!!!! (if you're lucky I might invite you to join me one morning. AND I totally plan on getting a cup holder for my townie so I can put a coffee there in the AM and a beer at night? Of course I would hate risking a BUI (biking under the influence! ha ha ha)

The next steps to my life are: 
1. Find a couch 
2. Figure out what I need for the apt. (This includes a townie and maybe a Cuisinart and sewing machine... because everyone needs a sewing machine, its part of becoming domestic or artistic!) 
3. Go to wrist doctor
3 1/2. Get job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. pay hospital bill....ha! 
5. Go to school

Aretha Franklin and I are jamming out like rock star's right now! She is awesome. 

I love biking, I am actually going to commit myself the UNR cycle club...I have to do it for myself. (I decided this today) 


I like to eat.....way to much....

I enjoyed coffee and mimosa's with my dad at Squeeze In with an amazing Ditz Crew omelet on Sunday. We also went on a ride to Alpine Meadows, it was nice to be back out on my road bike. 
NOTE: its starting to get cold in the mornings.

Syd parked next to a Prius
A meathead with his blonde girlfriend at Silver Peak. Spinach salad with a Heffenweizer and then off to watch stepbrothers with Chris. What a relaxing Sunday night...

Now I am off to finish the horror of finding a place to live. Hopefully by 2 o'clock today I have keys to a condo on campus!!! ughhhhh that would be nice and then the next object that needs to be tackled is a job, then the wrist doctor....

off to My Favorite Muffin to meet everyone for breakfast!