Umm, endurance

Corny cows. 

Could my night get any better? Cruel intentions is on!!!! That Sebastian! oh hot dang, Annette! I'm covering my eyes. 

so anyways. 

I finally bucked up and went on my first ride since the race on Saturday with a kid on the nordic team, Patrick. It was really nice riding with someone that knew the trails around Hanover. I would have never guessed there was so much riding. It was really cool to watch someone who had grown up back east riding do their thing, his technique was completely different from mine. I have found that the riders are much more loose on the riding and do all these crazy little hopy things when they get in a sticky situation. 
Note: I need to learn how to bunny hop better, almost like a real bunny, and maybe eat more carrots too! 
I was in a mood of: if it looked hard walk it. When we started the decent and I felt a little more brave. I swear that if I was up there riding by myself I would of not had a clue that any of those trails existed. 
I was nicely splatter painted with mud again today. I was smart and wore blue this time. 
I am planning on giving Sparky a major scrub down tomorrow before we go out riding again in the afternoon. 

We are expecting a guest for lunch tomorrow: Warren. 

I really want to go to King Arthur flour ASAP. And Olympia for some new lids. 

 Taylor introduced me to the lawn mower racing site tonight, I probably should get a membership so I can race mowers if this biking thing doesn't work out. 

Funny fact: I read in Sports Illustrated today that Georgia Gould tried out for the circus, by juggling and riding a unicycle or something like that. Interesting. 

I am getting really good at online window shopping and craigslist house hunting. 
The only dilemma is Truckee or Reno?

I wish I was at Pub n' Sub with my dangas right now! 

Until next time, 

Ps. 4 days until now here, not nowhere. 

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