Steak, potatoes and ice cream.

Today was a b-e-a-utiful beach day...that is after the morning down pour, thunder and lightening. I figured this would be a GREAT day to get some rest and maybe do my other favorite thing: shop. A 16 oz. cup of "home brew" from the Front Porch coffee house had me determined to enjoy some mega time on the beach; rain or shine because I totally wasn't going to lose my tan! Plus there were some majorly cool puddles and in the puddles were all these lil fish. I did my good deed for the day and rescued like a million trillion of them.  

This book "Major" is really interesting like honestly where else are you going to learn that inner tubes were invented to make the "boneshaker" not so shakey. Or chains used to be made out of rawhid --- I bet those were awesome! 

Its hard to believe that 100 years after the High-wheeler was invented the mountain bike was born. (I think the high-wheeler would make an excellent townie..... which I need to get as soon as I get back to Reno. And I intend to have the COOLEST one on the faces of the planet!)

So I went putt putt tonight with my little sissy and my little cuzzy. It was pretty EXTREME! Speaking of extreme... there were some EXTREMELY large people there. I am sure that soon as they got done with putt putt they went across the street to McDonalds. EWWWW! When observing these folks it made me TOTALLY wish I had gone to the gym or riding today. YUCK YUCK YUCK! 

There are over 400 million bicycles in China. China needs to teach us how to use bikes as commuters --- I'd say. 

The theme of the putt putt course tonight was: gold rush. Did you know that the there is a fear of gold?! its called: aurophobia. 

Also since I AM where the first flight took place... Kitty Hawk, North Carolina did you know that Orevelle Wright would number his chicken eggs as they were laid so that that way he was able to eat them in numerical order. ---- WEIRDO! 

Well hopefully its a pretty day out tomorrow and I can make the most out of my last day at the beach. 


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