ride up banking

In Salt Lake a couple weeks ago Phillipa and I took full advantage of "drive thru" banking. 

Today my mom got a new puppy! It is a black lab. We named it Banx. It is the cutest thing ever, she likes to adventure and is already pretty well potty trained.(Don't worry I will put up pictures soon!)I'll have to admit she is WAY cooler than a panda dog. 

I downloaded some old school Debbie Deb today.... oh ya! I've been re-playing -lookout weekend- for the last half hour. look out weekend because here I come! ha 

The circus came to town, no I am not referring to a person, but really the big apple circus is happening right now in Hanover... I might just have to go and see some carnis and elephants, eat some peanuts and cotton candy, get my face painted, have a clown make me a balloon animal... the norm! 

While I have been back east I have been pretty darn good at containing myself from eating trillion of boston kreme filled donuts from Dunkin' donuts. Go me! I am craving one. Maybe tomorrow? Just up the road a little ways in Ontario they have more donuts stores per captia than any other place in the world. Maybe I should go into the donut business, or better yet.. try to get fueled by dunkin' (like Rachael Ray) I am sure that would really help me with my biking! ha 

Hopefully I will be headed back to the west some time next week, I am going to hit up all the small XC races on Thursday nights at Northstar and get ready for California champs, the NORBA in Brianhead (maybe), Nevada Cup finals! I am trying to decide if I want to give college racing another chance again..... hummmm.....


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