Rain, Rain go away...come again another day (or go to Cali to stop the fires)

Pretty sure this would be the yuckest cup of coffee EVER! Just look at the name. I didn't try it.
ETHIOPIA has NO "R" in it.... despite how some may pronounce it. UGH! WORST cup of coffee EVER. It tasted like water with a touch of cream. YUCK!        Pretty flowers in the east. Something you seldom see in the west. LAND OF THE BARN BRIDGES! HOOOOOORRRAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

So of course I arrive in New England and it rains ALL DAY, clearly the crappy weather is following me. 

I have a problem: 
My bed room door sticks to the frame so I have to YANK it extra hard in order to get it open. 

I am: 
The QUEEN of blueberry cobbler making. 

I researched the town of Orfer today... its just up the road from Lyme. Its really small. 

My chin is healed. My finger is not. 

I pick up my bike tomorrow.

The youngest Pope in the world was 11 years old. So does this mean he was studying the color bible still?

Skeeter + Nemo = Skemo (the combination of both cats names put together)

This new application thing for the iPhone is SWEET! So far I have downloaded a flashlight, a tip thingy (so i know how much to tip when out to eat), MLB score keeper, AIM, and MahJong ( I can tell you that will be my weakness in lecture class!)

Since I am at near an Ivy league school right now, I thought I would let you know that smarty pants people (nerds, geeks, intelligent people, etc) have more zinc and copper in their hair. So, I guess I will have to dump a bottle of the two on my head before I head to Dartmouth to visit my mom at work tomorrow. 

And last but not least: 

The sasquatch I saw on the beach

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