The newest member

The newest member of our family, Banx! 

Today she got to go shopping for toys, treats and a bed. Let me tell you...she was exhausted! She is so well behaved for only being 8 weeks old, plus she is the CUTEST thing on earth! 

I am trying to make business cards. It is hard because I want them to be so cool. I think I might have figured out the template that I like, phhheewwww! 

I had a GREAT cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffe today from dirt cowboy cafe in Hanover. It was one of the most amazing brews I have ever had. I am pretty sure I like every cup of coffee I get from there. I wish there was a business like this cafe near me at school, I would probably be there daily x 6. 

I had my Orthopedic dr. appointment for my knees today. I am okay for the most part. I was given some exercises to strengthen the insides of my legs and stretches for my IT bands so the tension is taken off of my knee caps ( which was causing my ouchies). The exercise band I was given smell like chocolate, if I could eat them I probably would. 

I go back to the Ortho tomorrow for the big one: my wrists....dunnn dunnn dunnn! 

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