In one ear and out the other

Today I had the chance to go on an east coast style cross country ride with my fabulous mommy and little big sister. We decided to explore a trail called: Giles Mt. / Blue ribbon trail. And since we are wicked bad ass we started from the lower parking area (Beaver Meadow). We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. At the car a road biker stopped to see if we had a pump because he had flatted, when we told him where we were going riding he look at us basically like we were crazy.OKAY... It actually wasn't that bad of a ride, it would have been really fun for just me and my mom... but since we had a newbie cross country rider with us it was a little different. Spirits started to run low when we kept heading away from the road,the ride felt as though it had been going a lot longer than stated one the map (we found on Omer and Bob's website) finally I came upon some good news: signs and a PERSON! We spoke with the man ( who was most recently from Durango!) and he sent us in the right direction... I cruised ahead so that I could go and get the car since it was 10 miles away.

Note: I need to grow my hair out STAT because a man my mom inquired for directions said "That was a girl? She was flying?" YES.
.. I AM A GIRL! 

so anyways I got the car. Met my mom and my sis and hit the road to come home for some home made chicken tacos! YUM! (I really love mexican food!) 
I give my little sis MAJOR props for this being her first ever mt. bike ride. I am really looking forward to hopefully getting a chance to ride the trail again with JUST my mom so we can not have the constant stop and go. I have to admit we had some great laughs today! I totally loved spending time with both of them on the trail! 

Headed to Mt. Snow 2mrw. OH BOY!!!! Im really nervous. I want to win really bad. 

Did you know that Thai researchers have succeeded in generating electricity from natural gas made from elephant poo-poo! 


dragonflies are among one of the fastest insects flying 50-60 mph! WAHOO!!! 

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