Green Eggs and Ham with purple potato's on the side

On top of the fire tower, totally scared to move.
Sarah found this piece of corn, it had a growth on it. WEIRD! 
1st grade class. Please note my outfit: Plaid/jean dress with leggings and cowboy boots. A little west coast a little more east coast. 

Interesting things I learned about myself today: 
  1. In 1st grade my favorite book to read was the magic school bus, I was the head of the reading club. NERD.
  2. My favorite thing about school was that we had recess. (I spelled it: resas) 
  3. Phonetically my mothers name was: Base or Besty (because she is the BESTy) 
  4. My favorite movie was Home alone 2, I am surprised I didn't put bay watch, or maybe the teacher wouldn't let me since that qualify as a TV show. 
My report cards were even better:

1st grade: Elizabeth has such a good attitude and has adjusted quite well. (I had just moved). Elizabeth gets frustrated with herself if she makes a mistake and at times is hard on herself. Very eager to succeed and takes pride in her work. (well, I like things perfect...duh!) 

2nd grade: I like your stories, study your spelling words. ( I think it is funny that I have always had a problem with spelling, but I always get my best grades in writing classes and science...hmmmmm?)

3rd: (this is the best) Elizabeth is a unique and delightful individual. She is working to improve spelling. (me and this teacher had a major problem, I changed schools soon after this grade card went out. But I give her major props on her word choices for me) 

4th-8th: It was probably something around the lines of Elizabeth needs to pay attention and work independently....sorry I was a social kid. 

In my weekly citizenship reports I has a lot of 4, 5, and 3s....that would be I will be a polite and attentive listener, I will raise my hand to speak and give other a chance to talk and I will work independently. 
I am pretty sure this is about the time they gave us dividers for our desks so you couldn't peek and see your neighbours answers.....pssshhhh.....
9th grade: before I went to the academy was a hard one...needs to pay attention in class...blah blah blah...
My highest marks thru school: science class and writing...weird....
Lowest: math, is that a real surprise? NO! 

Anyways, I had a great time looking back through all my old stuff from my elementary educations. I am really glad that my mom held on to it. 

I went on one last ride today with my mom. I HAD A BLAST! We road the Blue Ribbon trail (why don't they just call it the PBR or the Pibber trail that would be a lot easier..blue ribbon... honestly who the heck calls it that.. "hey get me a blue ribbon?"...no that doesn't work for me...sorry you say "hey fetch me a PBR")backwards. The downhill was EPIC! I honestly didn't think that kind of riding existed out here in the east...ohhhh but it does. I am looking forward to riding it next year. Ohhhh ya! we climbed the fire tower, I almost peed my riding shorts because we were so high up in the air, it was to a point where my body didn't want to move anymore. There must have been at least 100+ steps. 

If you are ever at Dan and Witt's looking for a good ice cream sandwich I highly suggest the Chesster frozen custard one...SO GOOD! and made in VT! 2 soft chocolate chip cookies surrounding frozen vanilla custard! (They are in the Ben and Jerry's cooler near the front, clear wrapper with cows and cookies in a field)

I am 1/2 packed, 1/2 not. 

I had a purple potato for dinner tonight. Yes, purple...it comes naturally like that. It reminded me of Dr. Suess's Green Eggs and Ham. It was really good, my mom said she googled it and they are high in antioxidants so they are better for you then normal 'tots. I am going to try and find them when I get home. 

I am hunting, if you know of anything good lemme know (Reno or Tahoe.. 2 or 3 rooms.. house or town home/condo)

I am almost done with Major by Todd Balf! Its an amazing book, I really love all the history that the story holds. What an amazing individual! 

Well I think I am going to hit the hay! 
Remember: pay attention in class because I didn't....I probably still don't! ha 

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