Gate A4

Its really nice not having to travel with a bike and/or ski stuff thru an airport for once! I am pretty sure that this is the only trip of the entire year I have the freedom of NOT carting them around. 

I'm headed for a week of sitting on the beach, southern cooking and family. (and of course the down fall of waking up at god awful hours in the morning so I can ride a bike before it gets to hot and then off to the gym and then finish my day with a run once it is cool enough.......) 

Note: NEVER get the coffee EVER AGAIN at the Reno airport, my lil' tum-tum hurt the entire way to ATL. (( It also could have been the fact that before I went thru security I remembered that I had a Red Bull in my bag and chugged it so it wouldn't go to waste.)) 

This made me laugh: 

Go Youtube: TSA Gangstaz

I am an expert packer by the way.... for once I had a bag that was under weight. I am wicked stoked seeing that I am not going to be home for about a month. 44 lbs! HOORAY! 

People watching in Atlanta is not nearly as good as Vegas was last week. 

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