From salt air to crisp fresh air

Oh, where to begin where to begin... 
A LOT has happened over two days! After going to The Outer Banx for close to 21 years I had never been down to the US army corps field research facility pier in Duck. Friday morning; coffee in hand and family by my side we adventured in the rain to the pier for their once a day tour (which I must mention was ALL outside). There was all sorts of crazy machinery they used to research the ocean, like the CRAB (Costal Research Amphibious Buggy) which measures to be 35 ft. tall and looks like a giant tripod, duck boats (or as they call them LARCS) and really cool other pod things. We learned why sand bars did not occur as much as they used to, and the rating of the Oregon inlet bridge ( it was a 1 out of 100 incase you desperately wanted to know). Also, how the inlet was located 2 miles further south in the 1600 near the Bodie island light house but it has been on the move (thus creating the crappy bridge, kinda?). The kid that took us on the tour was EXTREMELY smart when it came to talking about the waters, weather, sea life, etc. (Note: He totally looked like Taylor Slack in high school and had the southern accent! it was AWESOME!)

We decided to end our beach stay this year with getting 3 lbs. of steamed shrimp from Carawan for lunch. Along with 6 lbs. of fresh shrimp and frozen them and now they are in NH! WAHHOOO! The 3 lbs. never was finished....

We pedaled the beach bikes around for ONE final cruise before they were put away until the fall, the sunset was UNBELIEVABLE. The gold cruiser (aka my mauders has THE BEST seat on it and colorful too!) To make it better we had scallops on the beach cross over (honestly, could my life get any better?!)

Today we hammered the drive home to New England! Left at 6 am (okay it was really like 6:15)-Don't get coffee at the border station, EVER! NO EXCEPTIONS! and made it through 10 states (North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Coneticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and NEW HAMPSHIRE!) in about 13 hours. Now, lets think about this for a quick sec...it takes me 16 hours going 80 to drive across 3 days (Colorado, Utah and Nevada) hummmm........I guess that is one of the many reasons that the east is better. It is wasn't for my GIGANTIC (im not joking at all) Dunkin' donuts I wouldn't have been able to make it... (oh incase you were wondering the Boston "Kreme" filleds here are SOOO much better than safeway! uhhh, I can taste one right now! When I went into DD I managed to lock my mom and Ed in the car because I am so used to locking Syd as soon as I get out, SMOOTTTHHHHH move!

 But one of the coolest things was having the chance to go over and under the chesapeake bay bridge. I googled its facts from my handy dandy phone. It is amazing how much time and effort it took to build it. The bridge/tunnel (or as I decided it should be called underwater bridge) was built without the usage of taxes all
from donated cash-money (we are talking hundies of millions folks. There were a TON of fishing boats out in the bay, I bet they were catching some totally yummy sushi!

We played the Prius game. I totally probably won since I have this special vision for spotting them now. It is something you acquire from seeing so many of them. I was oh-so-fortunate to even get to try and race one today too!It was red. I won. End of story. ( I googled prius too....it actually was kind of interesting. So..if you are ever bored on a trip google it up!) A really quick random side note which was brought to my attention today (by myself) was how exactly do you plural prius? is it priuses or prii? Demetri Martain made a good point that some words are odd when put in plural form such as the word: dildo.... dildoes? ha ha ha! Moose...is that supposed to be Mooses or meeses? kind of like goose and geese. I guess your answer is add an "es" to the end of everything and it totally works (while at least for me while I am on summer break from school!). 

Sarah threw a box of crackers at me when I said I was hungry. I threw it back. It exploded all over the car. That was the end of that game. 

Ta-Ta's is a funny word. 

Peanut M&M's have never tasted so good.

I would love to know how my little sister can eat so much sugar and sleep as much as she does, and if those spoonfuls of sugar she used to sneak out of the pantry affixed to the reason she is so freaking tall. 

It was so nice to roll into the drive way and be "home". Shower, grub, relax, laundry! awwwhhh! This part of the states is SO beautiful. It is nice to be away from the hustle and bustle for awhile (as of now I have no set date to go back to it either). The house looks amazing right now! 

Demetri Martin is worth YouTube(ing) he has been my entertainment these last couple nights and I repeated many of his jokes today while on the road...

Hopefully Sparky is at Nordica on Monday so I can ride. For now I am going to have to deal with riding the super mega awesome STINGRAY around for fun! (and trust me I will!) 

I am starting to get nervous for this weekend. It looks like we will be headed to the race on Thursday afternoon. I have never had a feeling like the one I have right now, I want to win more than anything. I am hoping that this year the course is fairly dry and that I can POUND out those 4 laps. 
It is funny how technically biking as a sport is. It's addicting. It hurts. But you get so much pleasure out of completion. 


No where? ------ now here! : ) 

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