Exercising my Brain

Since I am not at home I have grown WICKED lazy. Laundry on the floor, books everywhere, water glasses and bottles cover the room. I think I get influenced by my little sissy to toss my stuff all over...or maybe I am doing it out of PURE torture to her? (since I have to leave all my STINKY bike clothes all over the room to ....ummm.....dry out...)

With all the traveling that I do I figured out that I ALWAYS bring TWO things with me: My computer which connects me to the rest of the world and Bucky. 

I have gained two new pet peeves today:
The way my sister sleeps really funny (one leg practically up in the air). AND There is nothing worst then being put on hold while on the phone, or having some one answer the phone while you are talking to them ( I am going to try and stop doing that)

With all the "free time" that I have right now I am indulging in book reading: So far in the last two weeks I have put Jeffery Eugenides "Middlesex" and Gillian Flynn's "Sharp Objects" to rest. Now I am working on Todd Balf's "Major" and Saul Raisin's " Tour de Life". Hopefully they are both good entertaining books because I need something to amuse me back east. 

I have decided that I brush my teeth incredibly frequently and I chew gum by the pound. I am pretty sure this leads to my WICKED white teeth. 

Also... I have far two many ring tones and I keep my phone on vibrate. 

Thank Goodness there is a Starbucks on the island now. It was my savor today. 

Its 10 pm in CA right now. 1 am in NC. I shouldn't still be up. I think that dealing with a 3 hour time change is by far more difficult than over seas... or it could be from all the sugary desserts I've been grubbing on! ( PS. I made the BOMBEST blueberry cobbler tonight, if you'll are lucky I might whip it together again). 

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