coonskin caps and hunter plaid.

Coonskin caps, and hunter plaid. Sharp Cheddar cheese, Maple syrup.
Putting style into riding, I mean..spandex is sweet and everything...but you have to draw the line somewhere.
I probably own enough exercise bands and wrist braces now to open a small store. 

"I am going to make is so you never want to come back east to ride again" is what I was told half way thru my ride today. Well, yes...Boston Lake lot made me want to do just that. I am not even sure if it could really be considered a ride really, it was more like: pedal, get off, run 3 steps, walk up a rock, pedal, get off, run 3 steps, walk up a rock, etc. Not really my idea of fun. I do know that this riding is helping me in the long run, I am going to get back out west and hopefully annihilate the riding scene. 

did you know there are over 6 Rihanna songs on 20 on 20 on XM right now, ya... I miss my iPod cord and my radio. The bubble gum music just doesn't go it for me. I am craving some DMB, Cunnin', Traxamillion..you know my norm. 

On the subject of iPods, 
My shuffle bit the dust today. What a long great life it lived and thank goodness they are cheap! ha 

"Bottle it up" by Sara Bareilles is one of my favorite songs right now. Why? I have no clue. (go ahead make fun of me)

I think me and my little sister should open a pizza place. We made some amazing mixtures of pizzas tonight! BBQ chicken, with all the ancillary. One with a mix of cheese, fresh basil, portobello mushies and other goodies. I bet the pizza will be even better for breakfast if there is any left by the time I roll out of bed. 

Warren joined us for lunch today. It was great to catch up with him and learn some interesting theories about feet and global warming. 
I also had a fabulous talk with my wonderful grandmother back in Fairport, NY. 

I am hoping that it is nice again tomorrow (Saturday) so I am able to get a ride in with my mom before Sparky has to get ready to be taken apart and packed up for my jet set on Tuesday. 

Movie time! 
The Prestige (which is one of my favorite movies)?, The good shepherd (I have NO clue what that is about)? Stuart Little (always a good fall back)? or Finding Nemo (I am guessing he is hiding from the puppy, ha ha ha)?
Hard choice. 

The game of musical houses starts next week I hope everyone is ready! 

Night night! Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! I hear they can be absolutely vicious this time of the year! 

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