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Sparky was finally puzzle pieced back together yesterday afternoon. I rode with my mom on a 19 mile loop all around Lyme. It was pretty fun. Today I did the same ride with my sister, but, backwards. I thought it would be easier (less climbing.... for her sake of her of course ha ha) but BOY was I wrong. She made it tho! way to go Sar!  

Those two things over there are my most prized gadget when I travel. I bet you have no clue what they are??? Okay... I stick them in my brake pads so they don't get squeezed together! Simple as that... PROBLEM SOLVED! 

Speaking of solving problems I walked around Dartmouth my my mom yesterday. The campus is AMAZING! The work out facilities OUTTA THIS WORLD! It makes me wish that I was smart enough (or more or less have the drive when it comes to education) so I could go there. 

For all you golf fans (since its always on the TV in this house) The world golf was invented in Scotland by men, and its stood for: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden....now it is just called golf. OBVIOUSLY the name should be rearranged because there is an LPGA and those chicks are pretty darn good. And as far as I am concerned Paula Creamer needs to lighten up on all the pink. 

Did you also know that 1/2 of the American population live 50 miles away from their birthplace! Well, not me. 

Well I think I deserve some ice cream. Ben and Jerry's here I come! 

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