Are you 21?

The beach has been great so far. Lots of sun and water time. Great food ( BBQs, steamers and all the beach essential drinks!)

I found my dream townie! I am sooooo getting a low rider, I instantly fell in love with it. Expect mine will be sparkle (my FAVORITE colour), streamers, a basket and some super-fab lights, and a license 
plate on the back that says 
"Elizabeth" (CLEARLY a must have). 

I found a GREAT beer down here called "Carolina Blonde". I tried it 
at the Black Pelican the other night when I went there for steamers with the family...honestly I chose it because of the name but it turned out to be a FABULOUS light beer. It said on the menu that it was brewed "here" of course I thought this meant here as in the Outer Banx, I was fooled. "Here" evidently means North Carolina, we are probably talking the inner-booneys of some place called Moorseville (?). Anyways....I totally could put down a few more. 

I went to the gym the other day, I felt like I was surround by people that just worked on their upper bodies. The best part was there were like zero-to-none lower body weights. These big meat head dude sit in front of the mirrors and breath all funny and watch themselves for days while lifting. Like seriously they need to work on their legs or else they might tip over! I am sure that they say that I need to work on my arms! ha. 

I rode today for the first time since I've been here. Down to MP 10 and back to the cottage. It was nice to be out on a bike again. The headwind was another story. It was about 16 mph. LOVELY! I am really looking forward to getting back in touch with Sparky. 

So I was watching the tour the other night after dessert and there was a re-cap on Bob Rolls racing days! How great! We have two things in common: 1. We both use our hands A LOT while talking. 2. We bike. BUT thats ALL

I am getting ready to start the book MAJOR by Todd Balf. I have been looking forward to it. 

This time next week its crunch time for Nationals at Mt. Snow! HOORAY! 

I think I have listen to: 
-Lollipop Remix by Lil' Wayne and Kanye West 
-Please Don't drag me down - J. Johnson 
-Cookie Jar- J. Johnson 
-Never Fallin' - Living Legends 
-Sad Sad City- Ghostland Observatory 
-Electric Feel -MGMT 

A trillion and a half times each! 

I bought my FIRST Lottery ticket EVER today. 
I had $1 laying  around. 

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