Another day for you and me in paradise.

Today I had a little fun on the Stingray, I really wanted to improve my bike whips so I look EXTRA cool when I get a townie to ride around school this year. 
Riding to school is ONE of my ways of trying to be environmentally friendly... 
BUT, if i am going to be environmentally friendly I must do it in STYLE!
Honestly, would you expect anything less?

It was pretty nice here today, we accomplished a lot! Banx went shopping again, she got a TON of new toys. We are hoping she chews on these toys instead of us. We went to the Co-op, very exciting. Went and looked at subbies, VERY VERY exciting. I think I am in love with the one I saw today (minus the Prius blue color)premium package, black (or white), impreza 2.5i, 5 door of course, good coffee cup holders, built in iPod cord, most important it was pretty,throw a roof rack on and I am rolling SAFELY! We Went to King Arthur Flour, I was a little disappointed in their stock, but I did make gluten-free gingerbread cake tonight to have with lemon curd since my grandmama says it is so good. To top off the day we made a FABULOUS din-din. Spicy shrimp tacos (cooking light)! one word: AMAZING! plus, I even got some bike time in and it was sunny until later this evening. Talk about a good day. 

Working at the bike wash. 
No matter how many times I clean Sparky..it always seems dirtyyyy

Getting super extreme on the flower power StingRay.
Probably because of my AWESOME shoes.
My mom has some sweet StingRay skills.

I am jamming out to Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" right now. I have probably listened to it about 8 times today. Obsessed? Yes. 

I am wearing my retainers. 

I thought that this quote totally screams BUD: 

"The real secret to success is enthusiasm" 
-Walter Chrysler

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