5th place, a bum wrist and so excited to have a break!

Mt. Snow was a blast! 
The course was a little different this year, the part
 we went up last year we came down this year. 
During my pre-ride on Thursday evening I thought that the course would be cake, I could ride it all....well...
that wasn't the case because of the fabulous storm that rolled in Friday night. 
One word: MUDDY 

Let me elaborate for a second: 
Muddy, humidity, a zillion girls to race against, 8 am. Get the picture? (here let me SHOW you)

The start
(The announcer come on and says "I wonder how long Liz Reeder will stay white" (my riding kit is white)
Up we go... more than half the course was climbing
The feed station, lap 2. We had an oppssyy but my super mom fixed that quickly!
Alive, exhausted, technically in one piece at the finish. 
Polka dotted from the mud
I guess it paid off. 5th place finish, just shy of a podium. 
The next new hot fall fashion. Muddy Legs.
The girls I race against are beasts. I think that my category is probably one of the most
competitive ones out there (for ladies). I really put it together my 2nd lap and made a MAJOR jump in the field catching the top girls, 3rd lap I was starting to get pretty tired. I was bummed when one of the girls got by me because I tipped over and had to re-gain my balance... Oh well. My left wrist was PRETTY swollen by the time I got to the finish, I've been icing it a lot. I see a dr. this week. Silly silly wrists! BUT I did get this super duper cool wrist brace thing that I wore during the race from the drug store. I think it helped a lot while I was out there mobbing down the decent. The announcer at the race was really funny, I think he could have talked for DAYS! If I was around him all the time I would probably have to carry around some duct tape for his mouth or come up with some special word code word to say that means: okay thats enough! 

I haven't raced in VT yet where I haven't had to walk/push my bike/ run yet.  

East coast mud is SLICK! (as are the roots and rocks, jeezzzz!) 

My mom and Ed got some GREAT pictures and videos of me, I am really excited about them. 

Helmets look weird. 


Its really funny how sounds affect you when you are in the "zone". For the last 2 years at this race there has been a group of drummers that have been set up on one of fire road climbs and totally jam out. You are so in to your zone while racing at that section that you start pedaling to their beat. It is pretty wild I think. Its like listening to music and breathing while racing. ya, weird! 

I got to briefly see my childhood friend Kate at registration, that was cool! I hadn't seen her since we moved to CO. 

My mom's tini linguine is the BEST pre-race food EVER! add a little chicy and broc on it! YUMO! 

Friday (my rest day) we visited our old stomping grounds of Jacksonville/wilmington, VT. That was fun. I didn't remember much about the place except for our house and random little things about friends. I did get a GREAT iced coffee and biscotti from a coffee house in town. 

Note: I basically died without internet and my cell phone this weekend. Next year if I go back we have to stay in the grand summit, even though the condos that we have stayed in the last two races have been wicked legit. 

We went to the Vermont Country Store. I got chocolate babies! I'm really excited! 

Now I am home (well, NH home.) I can't wait to go to bed. 

This is a VERmonster, it is a community project happening around town to raise money. I thought they were pretty cool, this one was made out of an old chair lift. 

When not racing I build castles out of Red Bull products, Why not?

On the funny side quickly before I type on for way to long... we listened to LaughUSA on XM on the drive back up north. Well Ellen Degeneres was on. She was talking about how penguins are monogamous animals. Have you also thought about the fact that they ALL look alike? so they totally can not tell the different between penguins! ha ha ha.....so after all I guess the truth comes out...they don't mate for life! 

did you know that Ft. Collins (out of all places) is ranked 2nd in "Best place to live in 2008". Sounds like fun.... if you like roping cattle and playing buckin' broco! YEEHHHAAAWWWW! 

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