So I decided that I would try this whole blogging thing out as I hit the road this summer for different biking events....that way people know where I am, what I am doing, if I am still alive and random stuff! Right... cause thats cool!??! 

So obviously that time of the year again when I hit the road and am constantly traveling from state to state trying to be the next big thing on a mountain bike.....

On Thursday I headed to Utah. My bike bag was 64 lbs., the lady at the Reno aiport tried to convince me that if it was under 50 I could have not had to pay the weight fee (geezzz that would of been nice!..but we all know that bike boxes cost an arm and a leg to send through airlines)..after a bunch of people watching in the Las Vegas airport (because of a delayed flight) I was fetched from the curb by my best friend. 

We went to an art fair in downtown salt lake... probably the oddest thing EVER

Later we decided to go on a ride.. just a nice pedal around the U. Well that nice little pedal ended up costing me $306 because while riding gently over a speed bump I managed to break 
  1. derailer 
  2. housing and cables 
  3. 7 spokes 
  4. kink my chain 
  5. tore off derailer holder.
pretty fabulous I know....so the next day was supposed to be spend up in Park City at the event pre riding and such...but instead I found myself in Salt Lake City waiting for Contender bike shop to patch up the broken pieces. 

I ALMOST didnt make it to registration.... but...note the word ALMOST

I was #811. I was hoping it would be lucky. 


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