Deer Valley National presented by Subaru Gary Fisher


It started like normal... whole wheat bagel, medium coffee. Gangsta' hip hop blaring out of the speakers as I tried to settle my nervous and concentrate on the race. 3 laps aka 21 miles. 8 am. 15 or so girls... could I honestly intimidate myself anymore? Probably. 

Chugged 2 flat Red Bulls and spun around. I found out that "The Devil's gotta hold of me" by The Colour is the BEST song ever to get amped to. 

I felt like I rode my bike around the event for days. But it was just until staging started. 

I have a "36" tattooed on my leg from the mega- ultra- uber -large permanent marker the start people get you in so you know the chicks in your category. 
(Its probably going to stay on my leg for a good 4 days...I just LOVE that) 

I had the worst case of the jitters at the start line. 
I'm surprised the start photos came out as good as they did considering I was shaking. 

I was ultra stoked for the first fire road climb. Hung right in there. I wanted to blast ahead of the rest of the girls soooooo bad because we were beyond stacked on the uphill but I knew that I needed to pace myself. 

((Note to self: Learn how to pace....or chill out and save energy for the rest of the race)) 

1st lap: Good. 
2nd lap: Not so good 
3rd lap: just trying to see the finish line. 

Now, call it what you want to call it: "tossing your cookies" "booting" "technicolor yawn" "upchuck"...well..I am sure you get the point. I had to deal with the horrid feeling of being sick while on the trail. This really pushed me back from the place that I was in. The only thing that drove me was getting a cross the finish so that I could get a piece of gum or better yet brush my teeth!
In my last 4 years of racing I have never had to deal with anything like this, I have to admit I was nervous and some what clueless because I had no clue what to do... whether I should call it quits or keep going. 

Well I kept going. I just basically rode my 3rd and final lap. 
It was the best feeling in the world seeing and hearing the finish arena. 

I "re-fueled". I am fine now. 

This evening I looked up online what one should do in such a situation...turns out I did the right thing!!! HOORAY! 

A shower has never felt so nice.
Sparky is packed in her box. 
We are ready to head back to Tahoe for a week. 

I decided tonight: 
I totally intend on it. 

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