Helping out

Cam thought she could help me out with cleaning and building my bike back up from Utah! Sparky is so clean right now I don't want to ride it and get it dirty again...

Results from the race are up. 7th place...not to shabby. I can't say I am pleased with my result but it just makes me want to the next race and kill it. Good thing there are some gnarly climbs at Mt. Snow! HOORAY!  
Ohhhhh and...I am pretty sure that switching back and forth from sport to expert category is fully illegal and that USA cycling needs to pay closer attention to that. Once you go up a cat you can not come back down, right?!? 


Deer Valley National presented by Subaru Gary Fisher


It started like normal... whole wheat bagel, medium coffee. Gangsta' hip hop blaring out of the speakers as I tried to settle my nervous and concentrate on the race. 3 laps aka 21 miles. 8 am. 15 or so girls... could I honestly intimidate myself anymore? Probably. 

Chugged 2 flat Red Bulls and spun around. I found out that "The Devil's gotta hold of me" by The Colour is the BEST song ever to get amped to. 

I felt like I rode my bike around the event for days. But it was just until staging started. 

I have a "36" tattooed on my leg from the mega- ultra- uber -large permanent marker the start people get you in so you know the chicks in your category. 
(Its probably going to stay on my leg for a good 4 days...I just LOVE that) 

I had the worst case of the jitters at the start line. 
I'm surprised the start photos came out as good as they did considering I was shaking. 

I was ultra stoked for the first fire road climb. Hung right in there. I wanted to blast ahead of the rest of the girls soooooo bad because we were beyond stacked on the uphill but I knew that I needed to pace myself. 

((Note to self: Learn how to pace....or chill out and save energy for the rest of the race)) 

1st lap: Good. 
2nd lap: Not so good 
3rd lap: just trying to see the finish line. 

Now, call it what you want to call it: "tossing your cookies" "booting" "technicolor yawn" "upchuck"...well..I am sure you get the point. I had to deal with the horrid feeling of being sick while on the trail. This really pushed me back from the place that I was in. The only thing that drove me was getting a cross the finish so that I could get a piece of gum or better yet brush my teeth!
In my last 4 years of racing I have never had to deal with anything like this, I have to admit I was nervous and some what clueless because I had no clue what to do... whether I should call it quits or keep going. 

Well I kept going. I just basically rode my 3rd and final lap. 
It was the best feeling in the world seeing and hearing the finish arena. 

I "re-fueled". I am fine now. 

This evening I looked up online what one should do in such a situation...turns out I did the right thing!!! HOORAY! 

A shower has never felt so nice.
Sparky is packed in her box. 
We are ready to head back to Tahoe for a week. 

I decided tonight: 
I totally intend on it. 

So I decided that I would try this whole blogging thing out as I hit the road this summer for different biking events....that way people know where I am, what I am doing, if I am still alive and random stuff! Right... cause thats cool!??! 

So obviously that time of the year again when I hit the road and am constantly traveling from state to state trying to be the next big thing on a mountain bike.....

On Thursday I headed to Utah. My bike bag was 64 lbs., the lady at the Reno aiport tried to convince me that if it was under 50 I could have not had to pay the weight fee (geezzz that would of been nice!..but we all know that bike boxes cost an arm and a leg to send through airlines)..after a bunch of people watching in the Las Vegas airport (because of a delayed flight) I was fetched from the curb by my best friend. 

We went to an art fair in downtown salt lake... probably the oddest thing EVER

Later we decided to go on a ride.. just a nice pedal around the U. Well that nice little pedal ended up costing me $306 because while riding gently over a speed bump I managed to break 
  1. derailer 
  2. housing and cables 
  3. 7 spokes 
  4. kink my chain 
  5. tore off derailer holder.
pretty fabulous I know....so the next day was supposed to be spend up in Park City at the event pre riding and such...but instead I found myself in Salt Lake City waiting for Contender bike shop to patch up the broken pieces. 

I ALMOST didnt make it to registration.... but...note the word ALMOST

I was #811. I was hoping it would be lucky.